How BECA Works

Our goal: Facilitate scholarships for Nicaraguans who would like to keep studying after high school, but don't have the money to do so.

Attract Candidates
BECA staff visits Nicaraguan high schools in low income areas to deliver the message:
"There is an option for you if you are serious about studying after you graduate from high school, but can't afford it."

Qualify Candidates  
To earn a scholarship, candidates must complete a six month screening process, called "Course One." Course One is composed of:
    a. three months of computer training (keyboarding, word processing and Internet), and, 
b. three months of full-time social service in a Nicaraguan primary school

 Supervise the Successful Candidates
Using the funds from donations, BECA pays the tuition, transportation costs, and any books and materials required. We monitor student progress via regular visits to their schools.

About BECA

BECA is a non-profit organization that facilitates technical school scholarships for Nicaraguan high school graduates who cannot afford to continue their education, but are serious about doing so.

Corporate Partners

The sustainability of BECA depends upon the cultivation of mutually beneficial corporate partnerships and strategic alliances.