9 Reasons to Support BECA

  1. Send Someone to School. You will be helping send Nicaraguan high school graduates to technical school.  
  2. BECA is practical. BECA only facilitates scholarships to study technical careers like electricity, electronics, tourism and nursing. This can lead to a job faster, and it is the kind of labor Nicaragua needs at this stage in its development. 
  3. 100% Goes to Support the Student. Your donation pays student tuition, books, and transportation costs. BECA administrative costs like fundraising expenses are borne by its board of directors, granting foundations and general donations. 
  4. Tax Deductible. BECA is the Foundation, Inc., a registered charity. U.S. and Canadian citizens are entitled to deduct all donations to BECA on their taxes. 
  5. Great Bang for the Buck. A dollar goes a long long way in Nicaragua. A good technical education, including transportation and material costs, at a certified Nicaraguan technical school averages less than $1000 per year.
  6. The Founder lives in Nicaragua. Walter Hunchak, the founder of BECA, lives in Nicaragua and personally oversees the project.
  7. 100% Secure Donations. BECA uses PayPal to process online donations. All online contributions are backed by PayPal's anti-fraud and security mechanisms. 
  8. BECA is accessible. BECA is an accessible, grassroots organization. You can pick up the phone and call us at our Nicaraguan office at any time: 505-8845-6000. Also, It is BECA policy to respond to e-mail correspondence within two business days. 
  9. Helping more than one. You will be making a difference in the life of more than just the student you support. In fact, you will be helping their family. Additionally, BECA scholars participate in community helping brigades once or twice a month. In this way, by helping a student in Nicaragua with BECA you are also contributing to positive work in Nicaraguan communities.

About BECA

BECA is a non-profit organization that facilitates technical school scholarships for Nicaraguan high school graduates who cannot afford to continue their education, but are serious about doing so.

BECA uses PayPal to assure secure transactions.

Corporate Partners

The sustainability of BECA depends upon the cultivation of mutually beneficial corporate partnerships and strategic alliances.