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Reyna Ruíz-Accounting

posted Feb 28, 2018, 12:03 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
February 2018
"Hi, it is going to be a pleasure for me to share a little bit about my experience on BECA.org now HEDU.org. My name is Reyna Ruiz, I live in Nindiri, Masaya.
I knew about the foundation throughout a friend who informs me about the program, I visit the main office to get more information.
Thanks God I applied for course one, which first I had to take a computer course for three months. Secondly I had to support a teacher from elementary school, I feel really proud because I was able to help many kids as well it was a wonderful experience.
I was able to complete the 6 months for Course one. Once I was ready to start my technical career I chose accounting at INTAE. I learned too many things. I did my internship at the Nindiri Health Center; it was an amazing experience to share all my knowledge and learn new things.
Thanks god I successfully complete my technical career and I am really grateful with HEDU.org for giving me the support to complete my studies. I am actually studying English at UENIC Masaya; this is my second year on the career. However I am looking for a way to put in practice my knowledge in accounting.
I just want to say thank BECA.org and HEDU.org for your support that help all young people who cannot continue with their studies because they do not have economic resources to make their dreams true.
Thanks for giving me your support.

Translated by Elvin Palacios  (February 2018)