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Reynaldo López - Industrial Electricity

posted Jul 15, 2013, 11:22 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Jul 23, 2013, 3:45 PM by Walter Hunchak ]
In My Own Words
July 2013

Everything started a few years ago. I remember that by accident I received a scholarship through my brother who was studying at Juana Maria Polanco School. That scholarship was offered by an organization called BECA.org.

At that moment it was my brother who was going to take advantage of that great opportunity. However, he got another option, which was to study at one of the best universities in our country. Consequently, he chose the second opportunity and let me get the first one from BECA.org

The opportunity BECA.org was offering seemed like a good one. Thus, being uncertain about not getting a university scholarship I attended the first day of "Course One," which is the first phase of the qualifying process. The process was different from the process of today.

I finished Course One with zero absences and I was all set to study Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Nevertheless, I was told BECA.org does not give scholarships to study in universities.Therefore, I decided to study electricity at INTECNA in Granada. For that I needed to do a career plan, which made me afraid of not being accepted. I was surprised when I realized that I was one of the first people uploaded to BECA's web page where I would get the money for my studies.

I studied at INTECNA for three years, and thanks to God and to BECA.org I achieved one of my goals there, which was to be the best student in my specialty. I could get what I wanted because of the foundations' belief in me. They gave me the confidence to excel, even when I did not have it.

I have learned lots of things from BECA.org family. In fact, I can say that since I became part of this great family my life has changed a lot. Most of the things I have learned are from its founder, Walter.

Anyway, it was a nice experience. Currently, I am working for BECA.org Foundation in the office as a Coordinator. Working for them has been the best opportunity ever. 

Thank God and to my sponsors who provided me the tools in order to achieve my goals and dreams. I am proud to call myself a member of a different generation of Nicarguans.

I urge you to support young people like me who need an opportunity to study like the one I was given. 

Thanks BECA.org for changing my life.  

*Translated by Oliver Chavarria (July 2013)