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Rafael Martínez - Industrial Electricity

posted Jan 11, 2014, 2:41 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Jan 11, 2014, 2:41 PM ]

In My Own Words

December 2013

My name is Rafael Antonio Martinez, I am 25 years old, and I live in Masaya community called Llano grande #1. In 2008, I was 19 year-old. I was in the last year of my high school; the name of the school is Bertha Pacheco (highway Granada). Once I had finished my high school I did not think to carry on studying because I did not have the economic resources to study. Later on, one of my cousins had a friend and she told me about an organization that supports youth without any possibility to study, then she asked me if I was interested about the good news that she shared I answer yes and we went to the office to inform. The office was located in (Intecomp- Masaya) After we got informed, there was something caught my attention that the organization offered a 100% scholarship in any technical career I wanted to, but first, we had to fill out a request in order to get the scholarship also we had to give it back in February. All this made me feel in shock because there were many candidates who were applying for that scholarship and I did not know if I was going to be chosen because with many people trying to get that opportunity. Once I gave the request back I was informed when the list would be ready to see how many of us were going to be privileged. Days passed and then the day came to see the list, I need to say I found myself suspended for seeing if I appeared in the list and I got surprised when I saw my name in the middle of the sheet, I was so happy for I was going to keep on studying. Since that moment I was part of Beca.org family. In beca.org I learned how to help people giving blood, working as a team, being punctual and so on. I am happy because beca family is getting big. I Study the Industrial electricity in the higher technical level in (INTECNA -GRANADA), for 3 years I did all my best to achieve and become an electrical technician. There were difficult moment when I thought to quit everything, but beca family had helped me and I did not want to disappoint them, I said. Since a year I graduated. It was one of the greatest achievements in my life. I still thank God, the foundation for all their help that they gave me, also all the sponsors that trusted us. “Thank you. Actually, I am working, I have seven months to contribute in a company name Cupid- Nicaragua, I hope next year to work in another company that is more prestigious. Thank you for helping youth in this country!

*Translated by Elida Fernández (December 2013)