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Nelson Chavarría - Industrial Electricity

posted Oct 1, 2013, 11:47 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Nov 29, 2013, 3:12 PM by Walter Hunchak ]

In My Own Words

October 2013

My name is Nelson Iván Chavarría García. I am 23 Years old, and I live in a small community called “Las Flores”, close to Masaya, Nicaragua. I studied Industrial Electricity and I graduated in 2012 from the Instituto Tecnológico Nacional (INTECNA - GRANADA). I am a proud member of BECA.org Nicaragua. I was in my 5th year of high school when my high school, Juana Maria Polanco, was visited by two foreigners who were giving some information about full scholarship programs which were going to be offered to students who had already finished their high school but did not have enough money to study at a university. They were talking about BECA.org. After that happened, I started to search to find out how to be part of this organization and how to win a scholarship for a technical career. I remember I had to fill in an application form for the first phase of the program that is called “Curso Uno” which I finished successfully. Subsequently, I reached the second phase “Intensiva BECA.org” which was the tecnical career component. I then made my choice and I decided to study Industrial Electricity at INTECNA (National Technological Institute). To be honest the three years of my studies required a lot of hard work and dedication to my classes. I did my pre-professional practices process at Holiday Inn which is a famous hotel in Managua. That was for a period of three months. 6 months ago I began working for the company “Muebles Tex” in the maintenance area. Right now, I have plans to keep on with my studies in order to get more knowledge about what I have already learned. Also, I would like to hone my skills and dexterities every day. I thank God, my parents and BECA.org for the chance they gave me to achieve my goals and realize my dreams. They trusted in me all the time. I will never my sponsors and all those people who directly and indirectly supported me. To all of them thanks so much and God bless you. From the very deep of my hear: “Thank you BECA.org”

*Translated by Oliver Chavarría (october 2013)