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Mercedes López-Nurse

posted Dec 30, 2015, 1:13 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
December 2015
Hello! My Beca.org family, it is a pleasure for me to greet you again. Before I start telling you all about my living moments in Beca.org I want to thank God for all the things I have now.

My name is Mercedes de Los Angeles Lopez Aguilar, I am a girl that was and will be part of this big family all my life. Today I got the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate this foundation. I live in Matagalpa City. Since I was a child I have lived with my mother and one brother. I am so grateful with my mother because I have been able to achieve all my goals because of her efforts. She taught me very good values even though we are humble people, but we like respecting others and thanking God for everything.
One of my first goals was to finish primary school, and I did it with my grandmother´s help, I remember I was a very good student I really liked going to school, and I got prizes because of my grades, I never failed a class because I studied very much. Then I began my secondary school. Classes were so difficult, but I never gave up. Meanwhile my mother was working I did my best for getting very good grades to make my mom feel proud of me. When I finished high school that was one of the happiest moments in my life, my mother was so happy because a dream came true in my life. My family and I were very excited because every effort was worthy. In 2010 I went to enrollment to UNAN in Matagalpa, I was interested in different majors, but when I had to do to the admission test I got sick and I could not go to do my test, and my mother told me to wait for one year. 
In the same year I found out about an organization called Beca.org that gives opportunity to study technical careers to poor young people in Nicaragua. I went there to fill out some documents to get into the process, and I met Rosita, a kind girl, and a chele man that is named Walter to whom I admire because of his work. I remember studying computer lessons, and I loved that, after classes I did not want to go out of the lab. Then I volunteered for three months in a public school. When all my friends and I finished our volunteering work, the time to choose our careers came to us, and I was not clear what I wanted to study and a friend of mine told to study professional nursing I agreed with her to study the same career because we needed to move to Estelí I was not going there alone, but before I moved there I got married with my boyfriend who encouraged me every day to finish my professional career. 
In my last year of studies I had to travel by myself no mother, no friends, nothing I was too afraid, but I pushed myself over and I did it because that was an opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. After that my graduation party came, and two important people were there and they were Maryury and Urania. That was another great time in my life because another dream came true.
Now I am working as a nurse, I am looking after an old lady, and she loves what I do. Recently I finished another course about pharmacy, and I continue growing with all my family around me.
Thanks Beca.org, thanks Walter and all sponsors that work every day for giving opportunities to young people to get their dreams done in their live, thank u so much for everything. .
*Translated by Felix Brisuela (December 2015)