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Maryuri Espínoza-Executive Secretary

posted Mar 29, 2016, 3:36 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
March 2016
I hope everyone is very good. I want to talk a little about my experience at BECA.org foundation my experience started when I left high school I had the desire to continue studying but not had the means to do so, until one day a member of the foundation Lester Hernández told me about Grant explained that the organization helped high school students from low economic resource that wanted to continue a technical career, I was interested so I went to the office BECA to inform me. 

The next week I came with all documents requested me fill out some papers and good my desire was classified to the scholarship then of that one of the coordinators they would visit our house to make a video and take some pictures of our family and house. Was there I met Sorania, then if we classified we should start with a course one where we were taught three months of computer I was in the group that entered the quarter past nine and leaving at once, there I met many young boys. I wanted to continue studying, before I knew not turn on a computer but during those three months to me were very important because I told them I have learned a lot then I Finished the computer course continue with the support we provide to the public school Masaya for another three months. I stay in school Simon Bolivar with other brigadiers, I was with second graders with Marvin Quiroz who was my partner, it was a great experience because I did not know how to teach kids, support children. 

But three months passed and classified for the next six months we should choose the career and technical center to study. I chose the Academy of Science Masaya Commercial I studied Middle Technical Secretary in one year. And with the support of the foundation, my family and my effort, dedication to succeed in my studies I culminated the course. 

Thank you very much for the great support he gave me BECA.org. Because now with all this procedure and the knowledge my career I am a professional I am already working on a business. I am very happy because also now support my family and I'm beating myself.
I take this opportunity to tell you that if enen support BECA.org in his hands not let go, strive to achieve their dreams.

*Translated by Silvio Torrez (March 2016)