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Maribel Cerda - Tourism

posted Jul 29, 2014, 2:53 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
July 2014
Hello!!! First of all, i will say thanks god for letting me write my history about how did i get to form part of BECA.org family, which was conducted by Walter, bryan and Antonio who never was back in his job. 

Here, let it go my history; my name is Maribel de los Ángeles Cerda López I am one of the first graduators. Walter calls us “The original seven” because we are seven who got graduated. We were very close friends; we had good time together. 

In 2008 began everything. A teacher from Nambúe-MASINFA (Technical College) who used to live near my house, my sister´s friends told my father about BECA.org organization. I had had one year of finishing my high school; at that time my mother was sick and my father didn´t have money for helping me to continue studying a career, but this teacher appear and she shared the information about BECA.org with him. My father told me, and I when to MASINFA to get more informing. At MASINFA at got all the information about it and I fill some documents in and gave them all the requirements who asked. Then, I had to wait if BECA.org accepted me. Some days later I got back to MASINFA to see the list of the people who had qualified for being at BECA.org and my name was in the list they accepted me. First we had to take a computer course for three months, which was called “Curso Uno BECA.org” and then we were going to study the technical career call “Intensive BECA.org” and so it was; I took the computer course and also and this three months I was teaching in a public school in my community
because it was a requirement for getting in BECA.org. The requirement was to do a social service for the community. 

In 2009 I started to study my technical career. This was going to last one year and six months. My career was Administration Turística y Hotelera; and decided to study at MASINFA because MASINFA had an agreement with the people who were part of BECA.org. They told us if some of the people who were at BECA.org study with them we would have the opportunity to participate in some cleaning projects. 

In 2010 I got graduated. BECA.org held a graduation of another group of student and a farewell party for us. This farewell party it was not for the end of us in BECA.org; it was for the graduation in our career. On this day Walter gave us beautiful picture where we appear; we the seven graduators. We started to make our curriculum with Antonio´s help because it was time to start a new phase, which was finding a job. BECA.org prepared us about how to look for a job. In 2011 I started to look for a job at the beginning i didn’t have success because most of the companies were looking for people who have experiences but after to many attempts I got an opportunity I started to work as a receptionist in a hotel in Managua.

I worked there just six months because my dream was to crown a college career and my father told me he was going to help me study in a university. I prepared myself for the entrance exam in the UNAM University. I took a mathematic course for the entrance exam that is why I left my job because it was in the week. I did the entrance exam and I passed in my first option in Business Administration. 

 I am in my third years of my career. I did my practice in the mayoralty of Masaya in the area of acquisitions. I finished all my practiced, and they gave me a surprise, they told me that I had gotten a job with them. 

Now, is it time to say thanks BECA.org for helping me to become a professional. 


*Translated by Heissy Téllez (July 2014)