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María Cristina Acevedo - Executive Secretary

posted Mar 31, 2017, 7:52 AM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
March 2017
My name is María Cristina Acevedo, I am 22 years old, I am the older sister of 6 brothers, I only live with my mom and my brothers. Since my parents separated, we are from the community of Caña de Castilla, the municipality of Diriomo. I am also part of the great family BECA.org which I have considered and will continue to consider that the foundation has been a great blessing. So I want to share a bit of my story. I learned about the BECA program through Professor Roberto Campos who visited us at the public school Benito Juárez in the middle of 2012, informing us how to opt for a scholarship to study a technical career. The teacher for 4 times met us to inform some news regarding the foundation, in our calls also made Eliezer presence one of the promoters of the foundation for that time. We kept an eye on every news item, at the beginning of 2013 the long awaited moment arrived, filling out a form, answering and completing the interview, also providing a personal biography of what I wanted to study, and how I and my family would benefit from Continue studying and thank God, classify the first step. Later the visit at home was made to know more about the new students, in my case the day of the visit was all my family, I remember that Maryury Ruiz visited me. After that process I started with the 6 month sieve. Which consisted of 2 stages; The first one consisted of 3 months of computation without accumulating more than 3 faults, which is missing once but finishes with pride the classes received in Intecomp-Masaya in that period we were in charge of the Coordinator Sorania Davila. After the computer course, we continued the 3-month brigade at Rafaela Herrera public school, where I was in one of the first-grade sections supporting Professor Bernabela and my fellow student of Miguel Pérez. In this second period also accumulates a fault for being late. After having finished the sieve of 6 months we passed the choice of the technical career, personally my first choice was Professional Nursing but unfortunately did not qualify in the examination of admission in Polisal. We were therefore given the opportunity to choose another technical career in the available centers: Santo Tomás University, Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC) and Intecna. I decided to study executive secretariat at the Santo Tomás University of Granada. Where I started my classes in March 2014 but in the course of the months the university did not provide the necessary conditions to continue studying. One of the problems he presented was that he did not have a computer room. Which in August of the same year the foundation BECA.org called all the scholarship students to evaluate our situation and see if it was possible to change technical center. At the same time, seeing the situation, we finished our studies at the University of Santo Tomás in Granada. Then we visited Masinfa-Masaya and the Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC) to decide where to finish our studies. Personally, I decided to study at ACC, not only because of its facilities but because we had already mentioned the quality of the teachers. We started the Middle Technician career again in January 2015, during the year of the race we received computer, cash, accounting and other classes. At the end of the year we completed the course titling and advanced excel. He was very beneficial for us since we received the title of Caja, Excel Avanzado and the title of the technical race. For my pre-professional practices I perform at Humberto Alvarado Vásquez de Masaya Hospital. I was in the area of ​​X-rays and in the department of radiology, I was in charge of the head of X-rays Dr. Karla Hernández. Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Carolina Lago, Dr. Alfaro and Dr. Gutiérrez also monitored me. At the end of my practice I got a score of 100%. My desire for improvement and desire to study nursing motivated the doctors to perform management to study the Nursing Assistant in the Masaya Silais but could not since it did not belong to the department of Masaya being the main policy that resources have to couple with Silais. But to this day was not an impediment to my study as a Nursing Assistant since in November of 2015 I put my stationery the same one that I had been asked in the hospital of Masaya only now the Silais of my department, Granada. At the beginning of April 2016 in the same month of my degree as the Technical Technician of the Executive Secretariat, take the admission test in silais, which passes it with the best note of the candidates of the municipality of Diriomo thank God, thus obtaining a Scholarship to study my long awaited career and I can almost proudly say that I am part of the Minsa- Granada I am culminated the first year of the race. I want to share that I have received two job offers; The first was on the part of the Curacao-Masaya as a cashier but I could not accept it because I had already started with my studies, the second was by the Academy of Commercial Sciences for a box office or as a secretary, also had to Reject for my nursing studies. She continued to thank God for all the blessings, opportunities she has given me with the Foundation BECA who opened the doors and thanks to that today I am a professional who continues her path to improve my quality of life, that of my family and Other people. Again thank you and honor and glory to God. .
*Translated by Pamela Díaz (March 2017)