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Manuel Saballos - English

posted May 29, 2014, 8:05 AM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
May 2014
Hello people from BECA.org my name is Manuel Saballos, I am one of the Nicaraguan guys who was supported with a full scholarship. Today guys I will tell you how I got into BECA.org. Around two months have gone, after I finished my high school when I decided to apply for a scholarship in one of the best universities in Nicaragua UCA. The day to do the exam to get a scholarship arrived and myself very excited and positive went to the university to do the test already mentioned, I did the test , then I came back home with all the hopes I was going to get the scholarship. After one month I had done the exam, I came back to the university to see if I had qualified for the scholarship, there was a long list where all the names of the guys who had passed the test appeared, unfortunately my name was not on that list, I didn’t pass the test, at that moment all my dreams, hopes and future plans are finished. I thought also that I was not going to get any other opportunity in the future. 

I came back home with the bad news that I had failed the test, my mom was a little sad like me however; I never lost the hopes to continue studying and go on with my life. 

I remember one day, I was at home with my family all together talking about different things, we didn’t have a topic in specific, when suddenly one of my uncles asked about my studies and well I explained him what had happened at the university. He just looked at me and told me “ you know what there is an organization called BECA.org, they provide scholarship to Nicaraguan guys who don’t have money to continue studying, I will give you the address where they are located, bring all the document and I wish you the best.” 

I went to BECA.org to apply for the scholarship, I brought all the documents and I waited for the answer. After some days, I went to ACC, which is a technical center, to see if I was one of the guys who had got the opportunity to continue studying. There was a long list where I needed to check my name, Thank God my name was on that list, at that very moment I was so but so happy that I could not express myself how happy I felt about it. 

The scholarship consisted on three months studying computer, then I had to support an elementary school by helping the students with their homework and finally I had to choose a technical career that last less than three years. The career I was interest on was veterinarian, I loved animals since I was a child, and I still love them. 

However, the career was not available in Masaya only in Esteli, so I was not sure because it was far away from Masaya and I needed to travel. Antonio who was the sub director of beca.org informed me that a project was running that consisted on provide the option to some students to study English so that they could work in a call center. 

I studied English for one year and some months to work in a call center. I applied for the job around four or five times in different call centers, and now I have 6 months working in a call center named Accedo Technology, after a lot of hard work I could get a job. 

First of all, I thank god, who always was right next to me in good and bad moments, then I would like to thank my mom who gave the life and always believed in me, and then I would like to thank Walter Hunchak who changed my life completely giving me his support, and interest. 

Walter feel happy because your dreams became true, you changed not only my life but also five more lives. Thank Walter and thank all people who are part of BECA.org and make the change in each Nicaraguan guy.