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Luis Ñamendi-Teacher

posted Jul 20, 2020, 3:01 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
July 2020

"Hi my name is Luis Enrique Ñamendi Salazar I am a graduated from BECA.org, I studied education. I would like to share with you my experience at the foundation.
Julio César Pavón was the one who inform me about this non-profit organization back on 2014 when I knew about it I could not believe it, I was doubting about this great opportunity but at the same time I felt like my life was going to change and I noticed that lot of blessings were coming, since this was something new for me but it was the type of support I was looking for.
Year´s have gone but the foundation continues changing life of too many youth. I am so proud of being part of it.
There are not words to describe how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity that BECA.org gave me on which now is known as HEDU.org, in my case it gave me the chance to study a technical career.
Throughout the time I was studying I had difficult times on which it helped me to grow and enjoy beautiful moments with all my classmates. Also my biggest pleasure was writing blogs on my profile, as well how to forget our social work that we had at BECA.org on which all of them left such as good experience.
After I finish my technical career I was working at the Juana Maria Polanco Elementary School for one month and then at the Colegio Modelo Monimbo for 2 months as a teacher´s substitute. After that I start working at the Jose Dolores Estrada Elementary School on which I have been working for 11 months thanks God for giving me this great opportunity. My responsibility is being a great teacher even though I have a morning shift I use the afternoon to prepare my classes.
On the other hand I know I have had difficult times but I haven't loose hopes of continuing growing up as a professional and as it is said at the Ricardo Morales Aviles School, ¨After taking the first step I will never stop¨.
Also I want to tell you that I took the decision to study Economy but unfortunately I quit but I will continue next year. I am so grateful with God first and BECA.org for the opportunity they gave me to change my life and I am so proud of being part of this great family.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (July 2020)