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Kenia Ortíz - Executive Secretary

posted Nov 6, 2012, 10:30 AM by ai@beca.org
In My Own Words
November 2012

I am Kenia Ortiz and BECA sponsored by studies to become an Executive Secretary. Everything was sensational. I still remember when the course started and the program was a pilot project. I heard about BECA.org through a microfinance organization “Alternativa” in 2008. 
Through the years BECA has strengthened to become what it is today. I finished my technical career with a lot of effort and dedication at the MASINFA technical center in Masaya.

 During my studies I felt great. I was a volunteer ambassador in the program. My group was called “The Original Seven.” I still cannot forget every moment. All the opinions, all the laughter of the others guys, all the meetings, writing my blogs at INTECOMP, and the beautiful experiences that I lived through the social projects. 

 After I finished my technical career I got a job at the Red Cross in Masaya as a secretary. Afterwards, I got a new job at the “Instituto Nacional de Seguro Social” (INSS). Currently I have been working there for a year as a temporary cashier. Although I work only one week each month I am grateful to God. 

Although I have been in the middle of difficult situations I'm still hopeful that I am going to get a permanent contract. Let me tell you that I plan to study a degree at the university to have other job opportunities. Thanks to God and to BECA.org my life has changed. I feel proud of myself to be part of this great and big family. Thanks again BECA.org for everything.

*Translated by Oliver Chavarría.