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Kelin Garcia - English

posted Aug 29, 2014, 3:28 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
August 2014
I was chosen. Thanks for everything Beca.org Hello this is Kelin Garcia Rodriguez one of the sponsor student who decided to build my carrier at beca.org. 

This my story. This wonderful story started since 2010 when I started planning to study a carrier at the university and I got a Beca’s pamphlet. I remember I apply to UNAN to study clinical laboratory. I was really excited because studying this carrier was one of the thing I wanted the most, but I did not pass the test to be able to study at UNAN, I was really disappointed because for a person who does not have money studying without having and scholarship is really expensive. I though that’s was all, I did not get scholarship but I have a second opportunity to decide to be a successful person or a mediocre person who just gives up. I decided to apply to BECA.org 

As many of my friends I though getting to BECA.org was going to be impossible but it was not like that. First of all, I remember that I had an interview with Antonio Rodriquez (one of the coordinator at that time), since that day I thought everything will be a great story to share and to learn. I finished the interview I but didn’t think I was going to get the scholarship, but I did, my dream about studying came back because BECA.org had the same carrier I wanted to study. I was chosen I got the scholarship but there where to step I had to reach before getting studying, Course one and la Brigada 

In Course One and La Brigada, I had one of the best memories in my life. Primarily, in course one I met some of my best and I learned more about computer skills. I met 15 wonderful people who most of them are still my best friend. I practiced and learned more about computer I could my typing and after three month later I was in a La Brigada. La Brigada was really stressful but I learned a lot skill. I had to work with children, it was difficult because they were unique. I learned to be patience, listener, punctual and reliable. 

Next year came it was time to study Before starting studying.

I had to decide where I want to study but I was not sure about studying clinical laboratory because I was not sure that was going to be my best option. Studying Ingles was offered to me, it was a great option I thought. Although I did not like at all it was going to be one the best opportunity. 

I began studying from 2012 to 2013. At the beginning it was really difficult learning English was hard, for example so many new sounds, accent, grammar and vocabulary but by the time I was learning I understood that nothing is difficult is you have wiliness to learn. I had to studied and three different places I but at the end. The Ingles project got cancelled due to the time I had been studying was enough to started working in a call center, at the beginning I tried some many times and different call centers to be hired but none of them were open for me. I send then my curriculum, I went then to apply but it was always the same no answer for any of them. At the beginning of December 2013 remember had applied into two different call center Accedo and Stream Global services. From Accedo I membered they told me they were going to call me to start an new waive for a new campaign but was never called in the same week I also applied to Stream Global services, they did the same they say they were going to call me and they did three weeks later for a new customer service new campaign. I was astonished I never thought was going to work there never. 

One week before Christmas I did all tests, computer test, an new interview with language specialist, a test that is call versant( this a special test to see who good active listening skills and understanding of the language your abilities are) It was really hard every single test. Thank God I did past. I was about to cry because it was really hard to get a job in call center. 

I was called for stream Global services the second time on December 24th. They said hey Kelin you got the job now you are going to work us cellular one of the best cellular company in the USA. 

One of the thing I always say that my job was Christmas gift because I never expected to be hired that date. I started straining on January the 6th 2014, since that day I had met wonderful people, I had improve a lot my ingles, active listening skills and I have learned how to be multitasking. 

I am really glad to work for this type of company cus you can learned from people, you help them and fix their telephone issue and also you help yourself. Every beginning is going to be hard but by the time you get the experience you love what you do. I have almost 8 months working for stream now Convergys and it really glad for me to now that this long process was worth. 

Now I love being working in the computer and helping my customer fixing their issue. That could not have happened because God and BECA.org. BECA.org was my best option. It was an honor to be chosen for them. 

Now I can open so many doors just because of you BECA.org