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Joel Acevedo-Automotive Transport

posted Jun 27, 2019, 10:54 AM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
June 2019
"Hello friends of HEDU.org foundation, it is a pleasure for me to share with you about my experience being part of this great organization.
First of all my name is Joel Santiago Acevedo Pérez, I live in Diriomo, I am a graduated from the National Technological Institute (INTECNA), I studied automotive transport.
After I finish high school on 2010 I was not able to continue studying due to my low income, that's why I had to work as a farmer for long time. Everything change on January 2013 when one of my neighbor told me about BECA.org foundation now HEDU.org, she told me that they would be giving out scholarship to study technical career.
I decided to apply because I wanted to continue studying so I gave out my documents, I do not remember if it was to Sorania or Urania. Thank god I was selected to win a scholarship.
I remember that the computer course was at INTECOMP (I was able to increase my knowledge about computer). After that I had to do social work at the Rafaela Herrera School in Diriomo, but with effort and dedication I was able to complete the 6 months of course one.
After that process, on 2014 I start my technical career at INTECNA for 3 years, we were a numerous group, I believe that most of us studied the same. Also I met too many people. I did my internship at SETAD (Servicios Tecnicos Automotriz Damas), it was a period of too much knowledge and experiences that now a days are so important for me.
Once I complete my Internship I continued assisting for one month more but for some inconvenient I had to quit and start working at a regular repair shop. A couple of month later I got a job in Granada at the company called MONISA; over there I have had great moments for more than one year.
That's why I am grateful and I sincerely say that all this is a God's blessing , because he is the one who put all blessings on our lives, as well my family for supporting me and of course to BECA.org foundation for contributing with the Nicaraguan´ youth education, Thank.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (June 2019)