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Isabel Gómez-Teacher

posted Aug 31, 2020, 10:38 AM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
August 2020

"Hi dear readers first of all thanks God for giving me the chance to write and share with you a little bit of my experience at BECA.org now known as HEDU.org.
My name is Isabel Gomez, I graduated from HEDU.org and I am 22 years old. Now my story with the foundation start back in 2016 when my friend and I found a flyer on our high school notebooks, at that moment I was happy and excited because I wanted to study a technical career at the same time I was motivating my friend so we could visit their offices so we could know more about BECA, I remember by that time they were located at ACC so we went to give out our documents, it was the last week to fill out the solicitation. After a couple of days I was supposed to receive a call and they did, one of the coordinators told me that I was selected for the scholarship and they had to visit my house for an interview.
By that year we had a filter called Course One, on which we had to take a computer course for three months and three months of social work. Throughout the last three months of social work we helped the community with cleaning, painting, etc. it was an amazing experience because we were a “Pilot Plan” throughout this time we met too many places and pleasant people.
We finally got to the end of the 6 months and we had to wait until next year so we could start our studies for the Technical career but before the foundation took the time to inform us about the career we could choose and where.
Back in 2017 I started my career at “Escuela Normal de Managua Alesio Blandón Juárez”, on which I studied education, another amazing experience was working with kids but the most important was learning about them. I can proudly say “I am a graduate from La Normal in 2020”
I am currently working as a teacher at the Rodriguez and Ruiz elementary school that is located at the Kilometer 14 then 3 kilometers North, Veracruz. I am grateful with God for giving me the chance to know about the foundation as well to HEDU.org for giving me the opportunity of getting a technical career, on which I am happily practicing. Also I am so grateful with the sponsors that support youth like me; I hope they continue helping more Nicaraguans so they can grow up as a professional. Remember, “Fight so you can always achieve your objectives and goals”, with this I motivate all youth so they can continue studying but the most important thing is that they know more about HEDU.org foundation.
In conclusion, my best wishes for all of you, sincerely, Isabel.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (August 2020)