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Erick Latino-Automotive Transport

posted Apr 26, 2019, 1:29 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Apr 26, 2019, 1:33 PM ]
In My Own Words
April 2019
"Hi dear friends from HEDU.org team, it is a pleasure for me to share with you all my story, but first I would like to thank God for keeping us alive. My name is Erick Santiago Latino Medina, I studied automotive transport at INTECNA - Granada. I never thought that there would be an organization that gives too much support like BECA.org, now a days HEDU.org, well my story is a little bit extensive but I will try to sum it up as much as I can. After I finished my High School in 2009 I had too many inconvenients to continue studying either a technical or universitarian career, I tried by my own but I did not have enough money so I left my studies for around 3 years, at the end of 2012 my brother knew about the foundation throughout a friend of him, I started looking for more information and invite my brother, we both went to fill out the form so we could be taken on 2013, by that time the office was at INTECOMP, thank God I was part of that amazing experience.
I took the 3 months of course one and 3 more of social work at a elementary school at the Rafaela Herrera School, Masaya. In 2014 I start studying my technical career at INTECNA - Granada, even though I had too many difficulties I put all my pledge, emotion and effort to complete my career. My motivation was my family and what I wanted for them, because I wanted them to be proud of me. I found too many friendship, once I finished the course on October 2016, I was sent to make my internship at Colegio Salesiano Don Bosco - Managua, the name of the workshop is AUDI, for me it was a big challenge because I did not get use to on the first week but at the end I did, I complete my 3 months practicing and then I got graduated.
In my mind I said ‘’I did it but the most difficult is coming up find a job’’. While I was giving out my documents at different companies, I was getting proposal for other type of positions, I worked for patio workshop for short period, but the situation was not really good because I was not even able to cover all my expenses, a friend of mine told me a little bit about ‘’Cubas Electricas’’, so I asked him for address and documents they were asking for, in 2017 I went there, the receptionist took my documents and said ‘’if we have a job position available we will be getting in contact with you’’. I was always positive praying God so I could get a job.
At the beginning of february 2018 I got a phone call from Cubas Electricas’ office they said I had an interview, thank God I was accepted and start working as a mechanic assistant for three months I was tested but then the sociopolitical situation came and they suspended me with no payment. I start working as a field worker, but after three months they called me so I could continue working with them, coming back to the workshop I find out that I was so lucky because I was the only one who kept his job other two guys were fired. I have been working there for one year, I feel with more experience and I know that I have been giving all of me, I think that is why I am here.
For me it is a pleasure to be part of the big HEDU.org family that support me and I am so grateful because they gave me the chance to make a career, as well I hope God continue giving lots of blessings to this amazing foundation.
BECA.org - HEDU.org ‘’For ever’’.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (April 2019)