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Elvin Palacios - English

posted Mar 31, 2015, 1:36 PM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
March 2015

Hello BECA.org family my name is Elvin Palacios I live in Masaya Nicaragua and today I will share with you my story how I knew about BECA.org. After I graduate from high school I did not have too many options to continue studying at a university. My parents could not afford my studies.
After a couple of years I leave my studies I realized about an non-profit organization that helped people who cannot continue studying after high school, at the beginning I was not really sure about it. However I decided to apply for a scholarship. In order to get a full scholarship I had to complete two steps. First of all I had to take a computer course for three months, it was really helpful for me I learned too many thing I did not know before. Secondly I had to work for another three months as a volunteer in an elementary school, how forget the experience I had working with children. After I complete these steps I got a full scholarship. I had different careers to study and I had to select one. Some of my friends told me about a ¨Call Center Project¨. I was not really sure about this because I did not know almost anything about English, but then I took the risk and decided to study English. I learned English for nine months. It was a hard experience for me, I will never forget the first days of class. Through the time I was studying I improved my English. I was a hard-working student because I did not want to lose my scholarship. How I will forget the amazing experience I had studying English. After I graduate from the course I applied to in a call center many times, but after a couple of days I received a phone call from a call center saying I had a job interview. I was nervous I have all the interviews, at the end they told me ¨congratulation you get the job¨, I did not believe it I thought it was a dream but not it was true. Now a day I am happy because I have a job and I can support my family that is the most important for me. I have been working for this company called Accedo Technologies for six months. I am really grateful with God for giving me the option to know BECA.org, and for all blessings throughout this time. Thank you BECA.org for giving me this opportunity, thank you all sponsors for the opportunity you are giving too many young people to continue studying, God bless you forever..