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Eliza Sánchez-Executive Secretary

posted Jun 28, 2016, 10:24 AM by Maryury Ruíz
In My Own Words
June 2016
"Selective memory to remember the good, logical prudence to not ruin the present, and challenging to face the future optimistically".
My name is Raquel Sanchez and Eliza is for me a great pleasure to write again ... but not a few simple lines, but rather paragraphs full of satisfaction in every word.
When graduates from high school my greatest desire was to continue my studies for that reason I went to the mayor of Masaya, to apply for a scholarship, which was granted me to study in Managua, my family opposed since in the capital there is a danger, then I decided to get a job to pay for my studies at a university in the same city, I made my task start, but ... unfortunately leave work for a tough presented at home and therefore I was forced to retire from the university with the pain of soul, at that moment I felt that my dream was slipping away.
That year I lost and I remember that, for the beginning of next year, my older sister called me and told me on the radio were saying that They were giving free Scholarships Complete to study and only needed the interested / a Offices BECA be presented.org.
That was great news for me and so I attended with my sister facilities ... Urania greeted me with a big smile, and I explained the requirements to join the Foundation.
By God's grace I was elected by BECA and sponsors to go through the first three months of training and a call for responsibility and punctuality, at the end of that quarter I thought that was all, without thinking that then continue in the second stage classification, honestly what I took in the period of social service were raised in the morning to arrive on time at the time of the photo.
When finished and achieve be selected for the scholarship, I said ... yeah.! Now studying ... I decided to study Bilingual Executive Secretary in Santo Tomas, Granada.
But it was lousy teaching and my colleagues and I retired and then this year we expect to end the meantime look for another center to study, it was then that we inform Academy of Commercial Sciences in Masaya, conditions liked us very much so in February 2015, they began studying Executive Secretariat were many sleepless nights and fatigue ... the date had to provide pre-professional practices and search company came after company and all doors were closed one after another. Continue to pray and believe in God to help me and I opened a door at the end the teacher Maura Lopez spoke to the director of the Academy to give me the opportunity to serve in the area of ​​Academic Registry and he unhesitatingly said yes it's okay to start on Monday August 17.

I managed to successfully conclude my 480 hours of practice and then the Lic. Carlos Gonzales asked me to keep helping until December of the same year and as agreed and said yes, he gave me in December financial aid and step on Wednesday 30 December He told me I would be working as a cashier me. Oh my God! At that moment I felt a great happiness and joy, but also flooded my nerves, because I never had been working as a cashier, officially started in January 2016 collection in that area until today.
Thank God, Mr. Walter and other sponsors through BECA. org have made my dream come true and many young Nicaraguans.
*Translated by Silvio Torrez (June 2016)