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Edgard Castillo - Tourism

posted Dec 21, 2013, 5:18 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Dec 21, 2013, 5:20 AM ]

In My Own Words

December 2013

Hi everyone… first of all thank God for allowing me the honor and pleasure of being alive and likewise share my success story and experience with BECA.org Well for me to know fellowship was a great opportunity that I will never forget and that despite all the struggles through beca.org i achieved my first step as a national guide. My encounter with BECA.org.org was a normal day when I was in highschool, I remember when Walter and Antonio came in and talked about beca.org and everything they did to help poor students, the first thing I said was this is for me and I have to struggle to achieve what I want to explore this opportunity this Chele is providing us lol. Then the next coming days I just visited them to fill a form to start the procedure and see if i was eligible and then apply the scholarship to start course one, then get involved in the brigade, then make my career plan and then apply at the center technician to study my career. The whole process was very tired for me but at the end it was worth it because i applied to some of the country's most representative technical centers (Enah - National School of Hospitality). My dream was to study tourism because years ago I saw how people spoke a language that had the ease of guiding tourists and give information of my country, that caught my attention and not giving me up to fight for what I wanted to meet . During the time I spent with the whole family BECA.org I learned to appreciate many things that seemed really small and put them the importance needed. With BECA.org learned to be more responsible, honest and above all learned the value punctuality. I never characterized myself by being punctual but thanks to BECA.org today I can say that this is a thing of the past and today I am a boy with more desire to be better every day. BECA tough me the definition of a dream of the street because I know what it feels like to be in the neighborhood and see how many people are making so many things and one’s mind knowing one has the talent he has to be in that position too ... I realized that opportunities come and if we let it goes other people will see it as good they wanted. I had the courage to followed it and not only stay dreaming ... so just like I did you who are reading this story you can too. I studied national tout guide, I did my practice in the city of Granada, where I learned much more from my country and met many people who also supported me in my career and I appreciate all the support they gave me. Thank God I graduated as a national tour guide, i learned a little English language , my parents were happy because I have a tool that will help me to improve my life , but I can say that I thank God , my family, Sponsors, BECA.org , Walter and whole family BECA.org for the unconditional support they always provided and continue to provide to new applicants.

Today I am happy to have met BECA.org because if it were not for her I would not have accomplished my dream.... Today i help my family in the household expenses and also my personal expenses ... Thank God that gave me the pleasure of being born in this land that gave me the pleasure to see me grow and all the things God has given to me and for that I would like to say I still feel indebted to him . Thanks to everyone who supported me and took me in his heart as an example of overcoming they looked on me and here I am climbing step by step to success to which every human being can sustain fighting every day.

*Translated by Edgard Castillo (December 2013)