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Derick Mena-Computers

posted Jan 6, 2019, 7:08 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Jan 6, 2019, 7:10 PM ]
In My Own Words
December 2018

"Hi dear HEDU.org family, it is a pleasure for me to know that you are still supporting youth with no resources as well giving more opportunities. My name is Derick Francisco Mena Acuña, I studied IT, I live in Diriomo, I am a graduated of BECA.org foundation now HEDU.org. I want to share a little bit about the experience that I faced in order to get a scholarship, it was very special, I knew about it through Jaqueline Acevedo, she help me and inform me about the great opportunity that BECA.org foundation was giving. When I was on Course One I made a lot of friends all of us with the hope of making a career but at the same time with determination, effort and respect to the other ones, also throughout the 6 month of course one I learned 3 values: punctuality, responsibility and respect, as well I remember the good time that I spent with the children for three months at the Brigada, always offering my help and support anytime they needed it. After completing course one, it was the time to choose our technical career, and as I said before being there was not that easy but never impossible, also the opportunity that BECA.org was giving us on a special way. Thanks to the foundation I got lots of benefits like getting a job based on what I studied for, as a professional I learned that throughout the time I got use to follow BECA.org rules and also at work I am punctual and ordered person. At the end I got my qualification as an IT, which it was a big achievement for me. After I get out of the foundation I decided to study accountancy at INTAE Granada, thank God I completed in three years. I am so grateful with God for helping me to make my dreams true and to BECA.org foundation for giving me the chance to trust on me. I hope you continue getting lot of blessings from God so you continue helping Nicaraguan youth. God bless Walter for that big love that he has for Nicaraguan youth. Thank.

*Translated by Elvin Palacios  (December 2018)