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Angélica Ortíz- Inglés

posted Oct 9, 2015, 2:40 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Oct 9, 2015, 2:45 PM ]
In My Own Words
September 2015
Real Story to Motivate You to Keep Going BECA.org Hello, I'm back I'm Angelica; I was one of the people that this amazing organization helped to continue with my studies. I want to tell many things that have happened to me, all for the better.
One of the things I always like to talk about is how it all happened, I try to be brief and to summarize my life.
I always remember that as a child I loved to write words in English it was in second grade and I remember misspelled English words and pronunciation with which said was not so good.
I grew up with the idea and passion of this foreign language, so lovingly wanted to study medicine, but things in life, it could not be.
I tried several times to do the exam, and it was not possible. Almost disappointed sat outside my grandfather's house, days ago he had seen a village girl who dreamed of studying where both learn English, considered one of the most prestigious institutions in this language, I remember it was night and I decided to talk to her and ask her how she had done to study there, because it is an expensive place to study.
He sat with me and I started to talk and explain the organization, I was so relieved and I knew that God had put this foundation in my life.
Apply with my documents for a grant from English; it was very difficult because it would be for one year would study. But first he had to go through a process, first visited me and talked to my family; I was in a computer course, which I value very much because it was very useful to know, then my social service at a public school, where I met many children.
It was all very good, and obviously so fun. It let me tell you a secret, it was so difficult but courageous long process, I learned the importance of punctuality, I have a child of three years and then I became complicated attend and be responsible.
My family always supported me; the foundation gave me the opportunity to study English in Keiser, Managua. It was only for one year, up to me all the effort.
With great pride I could finish the course after looking for work for so long finally I got it, God always gave me strength to persevere, I had many sleepless nights and delivery today I can say that BECA.org is a foundation that does helps, depends on As you make use of it, there were many who did not believe in me, but God and my family, friends. And I will never forget this amazing Foundation BECA.org thanks for believing in me.
Just I tell you not to listen to those who do not believe that you can, if five doors will close, there will be ten which will open, just go ahead and do not get discouraged!.