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Ana Jarquín-Executive Secretary

posted Jun 1, 2016, 9:48 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Jun 1, 2016, 9:52 AM ]
In My Own Words
May 2016
I am a graduate of the foundation BECA.org Nicaragua and honored to share my experiences and achievements.
It all started in December 2012 I had the desire to continue my studies in 2013 but my parents did not have the financial resources. So I decided to help the health center in my region (Termites), performing different tasks in helping the community and health workers hoping to get a scholarship.
But at the end of January an aunt called me indicating that there was a foundation giving scholarships to poor young graduates with technical degrees in Masaya.
Very excited and at the same time indecisive by the existence of this organization my dad and I decided to find their offices with the direction they had provided. We went home disappointed without getting any information. It was not true, was what I thought.
I did not know that in February receive a phone call from a representative of BECA.org informing me of the dates of delivery and receipt of requests, place and requirements to carry.
I waited anxiously that day; I remember my father took me to hand over all documents and filling. Days later I received a visit at my house, then wait for confirmation of my name on the list of qualifiers. I will not forget that moment when I saw my name because I felt my life was already another totally different.
Then I started the course strainer One: first three months I received Intecomp computing, three months brigade perform in school Cristobal Rugama (Masaya). Classify to the next stage.
2014 I started to study at the Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC-Masaya), career technician Middle Executive Secretary. Great knowledge and friendships gained. The program lasted a year, in early 2015 just hoped my title to find a job. But God had better things to me.
Being a graduate received excellent news by BECA.org, help the foundation as an ambassador, without hesitation I said yes. Performing different tasks (applications to deliver course one day ideas, take pictures at events, and buy stationery). After 2 months Coordinator Intern to more responsibilities, much to give and learn. But in October 2015, I received the best news; a job for me as coordinator certainly BECA changed my life and my family for good. Thank you very much BECA.org that trusted me.
*Translated by Silvio Torrez (May 2016)