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Ana Hernández, Executive Secretariat

posted Oct 11, 2012, 12:39 PM by ai@beca.org   [ updated Oct 12, 2012, 4:02 AM by Walter Hunchak ]
In My Own Words
September 2012

It all started as a purpose, a purpose that thankfully I have managed well. From the day that the founder of BECA.org, accompanied by a lady came to my classroom to explain about a 100% scholarship, my sister and I listened very attentively. Then we told our parents, who have always supported thinking about a better future.

I figured it would not be easy to achieve, because in our country Nicaragua there are very few chances to get a 100% scholarship. I went with my mother and sister to the place indicated on the flyer we received.

It was there that I met Mr. Antonio Rodriguez, who greeted us and explained the process to earn the scholarship.

I classified by passing Course One, and happily I was one of the people to earn a 100% scholarship to study a technical career. I felt it was a door to many opportunitie. I had the opportunity to work in BECA.org and during that time I got to know many friends. I am indebted to Mr. Antonio Rodriguez who is a wonderful teacher and passed on to me some of his knowledge.

Due to the encouragement of my friends and the fruit of my labor and social skills, I have the opportunity to be working in a technical school in the city of Masaya. I feel blessed and very thankful, first with God and BECA.org for giving me the opportunity to be a young professional today. 

I say "Every effort is worth it" and now I can fend for myself being a secretary. Although I have never had the opportunity to meet my sponsors, I am very grateful for their confidence in me and believing in me even without knowing me.

Thanks to BECA.org. I am an executive secretary!