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Lilliam Carballo - Executive Secretary

posted Nov 30, 2017, 12:11 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Nov 30, 2017, 12:12 PM ]

In My Own Words
November 2017
"Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge." My name is Lilliam Azucena Carballo Gutiérrez; I am from San Juan de Oriente Masaya. It is going to be a pleasure for me to share my amazing experience with BECA.org now HEDU.org. I knew about the foundation through my cousin Elias Carballo, at the beginning I was not sure since I wanted to apply for a career at UNAN-Managua, but I did not have the resources, I decided to investigate more about BECA.org, I visit the office and receive all information I needed which really caught my attention the way how they help young people. I apply for a scholarship on 2013. The ex-coordinators Sorania Dávila and Lester Hernández visit my house. Well I was selected; my family and I were so excited. I started with a computer course for three months on which I spent good time with my classmates, and then I worked for 3 months at the Humberto Pavón Fonseca elementary school, through this time I enjoyed helping a teacher. At the end it was really hard because I got along with all kids. After achieving 6 months I was excited of starting my technical career I wanted to take English but that was excluded. First I studied Bilingual and Computational Executive Secretariat at USTOM- Granada, we started on 2014 but we last 7 months since we were not getting the appropriate knowledge. The foundation decided to give us a new opportunity so we had to choose another place to study such as: Masinfa-Masaya, Intecna-Granada and ACC-Masaya, I took Executive Secretariat at ACC. On 2015 we start from zero, throughout the time I studied there my classmates and I learned a lot. I Offer my practices at the San Juan de Oriente town hall, at the beginning it was a little hard but I worked with them for a couple of moths actually until the end of 2015. I graduated on April 2016, I was proud of me since I was able to achieve my goal also because I was one of the best students. On 2016 I worked for four months at the San Juan de Oriente town hall, but then I gave up. When I thought I was not going to get a job, I got a call from HEDU.org because they wanted to give me a chance to work with them; I accept and met the other members. The experience was amazing because I knew who the foundation works. At the end I was selected as a coordinator. Now a day, I am so glad with God because without his help I would not be here, also thanks to my family for their support as well to the foundation for giving me the opportunity and improve every day more. I recommend everybody who is about to complete their studies work hard because opportunities in life only happen once, God will help you, sometimes it will be hard but at the end you will have your reward. Thanks BECA.org because you are helping to create a different generation… I say goodbye with this phrase: "If you can dream it, you can do it, the point is to believe in you".

*Translated by Elvin Palacios  (November 2017)

Freddy Pérez - Nursing Assistant

posted Oct 25, 2017, 1:28 PM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
Octuber 2017
Hello guys from BECA.org! It’s a pleasure to share my story with you. First, I am grateful for those who take the time to read our success stories. I’m Freddy Fernando Pérez López, I’m 26 years old, and I live in Masaya. I graduated as a Nursing Assistant from Polisal Jinotepe. I believe that we have to be grateful for the talents God gives us, and we have to take advantage of them until we consider ourselves satisfied. My inspiration for a health career has been strong. That's why my philosophy is to follow the passion for my career until the end, and I will not give up in spite of any obstacle I may encounter. I was so excited getting my certificate when I graduated because I realized my first goal: to be a professional in health. One thing my career has given me is that it helps people so this is my best reward. I do not consider being a Nursing Assistant a hard job because I have the passion for it. I say to myself: “enjoy the good moments of my job.” I think a technical career is important in our academic studies, and I know there are some people who disagree with it. However, I believe everything has a value in life, and if you want to get something you have to start from the bottom, not from the top. Finally, I would like to encourage all young people to not give up on their goals. Feel proud of yourself for what you have, and take advantage of the opportunities. Remember, God always hears our prayers, if you ask him with faith. All your efforts at the end has its reward. I’m so proud of myself because I have worked in different institutions like the Army Hospital (Dr. Alejandro Dávila Bolaños), and Salud Integral hospital in Managua. Currently, I work for MINSA (health inspector). I work in a public health center in the neighborhood of Monimbo, Masaya. My job has helped me to continue with my major in Nursing. Thanks BECA.org for everything. Without BECA.org’s help I could not have reached my goal. Thanks for helping me realizing my dream of becoming a health professional. Regards!.

*Translated by Urania Montoya (Octuber 2017)

Elbin Salamanca-Architecture

posted Oct 10, 2017, 3:22 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Oct 10, 2017, 3:24 PM ]

In My Own Words
September 2017
My name is Elbin Antonio Salamanca Sierra I live in Niquinohomo Masaya, I am a 25 years old. Thanks God for giving me the opportunity to grow on a humble and hard worker family, since i was a little kid my parents show me good values that help me a lot.
I am a young man with big dreams which I have been achieving thanks god. Throughout my life god has given me too many opportunities first of all the most important thing being part of BECA.org, around 5 years ago approximately I found a friend that inform me about the foundation and invite me to apply for a scholarship, I was so excited and went to the main office so I found young people that motivate and indicate me all about the process of getting a scholarship.
One of the coordinators visited my house and told me that I have to go to the office in order to confirm if I was selected to be part of the foundation, once I got there I was on the list. First of all I took course one which was a computer course, it was difficult at the beginning but then I got used to the environment, classmates, then I went to the next level on which I worked with a elementary school in order to support teacher and students for three months, it was an amazing experience but then it was so hard to say good bye, I was also proud of me because I had finished. Then I had to choose a technical career.
I decided to study architecture for three years at INTECNA-Granada, every day I learned something new, on my last year I was so happy because I was about to get my title, I start offering my practices with a company called ECOMUN in Nindiri-Masaya, it was a little hard but I was able to graduate with the support of my family and BECA.org that support me since the beginning until the end.
Well I am working with the same company they gave me the opportunity to work with them, everyday I work so hard and learn new things and I have dreams which are the most important, as well I am so grateful with my family and God because without their help it would not be possible.
I am so grateful with BECA.org now HEDU.org, I want to say thanks for your friendship and good moments that we spent together which will be in my mind forever, in conclusion I invite all young people that work hard every day in order to achieve their goals because if I could you can do it as well and the most important thing put God in first place.

*Translated by Elvin Palacios (September 2017)

Julio Pavón-Electromechanical Industrial

posted Aug 31, 2017, 1:48 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Aug 31, 2017, 1:53 PM ]

In My Own Words
August 2017
Hello friends and members of BECA.org! many blessing, I want to share with you my experience at BECA.org. I’m Julio Pavón, one of the graduates from Intecna -Granada. Everything started four years ago, when I was studying my last year in high school at Juana María Polanco, Las Flores, Masaya. It was that BECA.org’s Coordinators visited us in order to give information how to get a scholarship to students cannot afford their studies, but who are serious about it. There are many students who cannot continue their studies because their parents cannot pay the expenses of their children in the university, and that was my case. However, BECA.org gave me that opportunity. To qualify for the scholarship, students had to be volunteers as an assistant of one teacher in elementary school for four months, and then I had to pass through computers lessons for three months. I consider BECA.org a blessing from God because only God knew how much I wanted to continue with my studies. Let me tell you, It was not that easy to qualify for the scholarship because there were already selected the students for the social project but something happened, and they got me the opportunity to participate in the social project which is called Brigada. After all that, I became the leader of the group, and that was a wonderful and funny experience; taking pictures, meeting new people, and making friendships with the teachers and students. Finally, I got the scholarship, and I decided to study electromechanical industrial in Intecna- Granada. While I was attending my studies; I participated in some activities that BECA.org organized, such as: social projects in the weekends, meetings with the students, anniversaries, and other differents kind of activities. I enjoyed a lot of the social projects because I could visit new places, people, and the BECA’s family. Also, I made friendships with the coordinators; they are very friendly with all the students. In class, I made some friendships, too. There were always jokes in our conversations with my classmates. I had many experiences in this organization that i would never imagine to have before. I’m grateful to BECA.org. Thank God, BECA, sponsors, and all members of BECA.org. Thanks BECA.org for helping Nicaraguan’s young people. I did my internship at INCASA company in Masaya. They were nice with me, but they could not give me a job because at the time the company had to downsize of some workers. I bought a soldering iron, so I started to work at home as a welder. I fixed gate, roof and other kinds of stuff. Right now, I work for Sabina S.A in Managua. I’m happy working for it because I’m learning new things related to assembly and mechanic. I encourage to the future students working hard because all the process to qualify for the scholarship it’s worth it. I wish you all the best and blessings.

*Translated by Urania Montoya (August 2017) 

Manuel Fonseca-Accounting

posted Aug 2, 2017, 9:11 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Aug 2, 2017, 9:17 AM ]

In My Own Words
July 2017
Hello dear readers; My name is Manuel Fonseca graduated from the technical career in Accounting, member of the organization BECA.org, who is now HEDU.org. Today I want to share a bit of my experience as a scholarship holder, I begin: in 2008 I received a proposal and was invited to start in the course one taught at INTECOMP and that was in charge of Professor Antonio Rodríguez, I was assigned the code 00060, here Was where I learned to use and know a computer, I concluded with the course and of course they sent us the invitation to continue to have the opportunity to opt for a technical career and also to be an ambassador of the BECA organization; However at that time I had no ideas to do, I did not think about continuing to study and I did nothing to follow. I do not regret this because you will see what happened next. It turns out that in 2012 again I received that proposal to be a student of course one and I was chosen again and I did well, I do not want to brag but I was one of the best in the group and I approved with good marks of the course, they gave me the title Of the Academy of Commercial Sciences and he of BECA. We also conducted the support brigade for schools for 3 months. Have you started to think and say that sometimes you do not know what to do? Personally, in the first year I had no idea of ​​continuing to study. I think that the decision I made in waiting was the best because maybe at the time of making the decision of my studies I would have been wrong or lost more time. A negative point of the brigade is that before so many situations as the folly of my colleagues sometimes I felt uncomfortable when they said and bothered that he was very quiet. I never get carried away by such nonsense but focus on one thing, I realized that quiet people are more productive and will see because I say so. I think it was difficult that process of the brigade to opt for the race but in the end I succeeded. Well spent the preparation time, start in 2013 with my accounting career in the technical center Masinfa, everything was so fast that in July 2014 I was ready to perform my practices and for that period my mother had died and unfortunately I could not share With her my joy (are unexpected things of life). It may seem that I am very proud or demanding but it has served me a lot in the aspect that did not accept the first options they give me but I want to do what I like because for the practices first I wanted to send to one of the companies located In Granada but did not accept it and sent me to the mayoralty of Masaya. Thank God there was good practice for me but I was not hired, time passed and some told me that I should seek employment elsewhere and I did but I did not find that opportunity. Although they also told me that I could opt for a job that does not fit my career, I did not accept it because I never gave up hope of finding what I was looking for. I always fought and asked God to help me, I valued myself and said to myself always seeing my certificate of career notes and my diplomas that I would achieve. And so it was, after 2 years I was hired indefinitely in the Mayor's Office of Masaya, I thank God that he listened to me and also thank you very much for the opportunity they gave me to study on the part of the organization BECA.org and its sponsors . Currently I have almost 7 months working, I started in January of this year, I think I have a good position, my job is to pay the taxpayers. In addition to working I also started to study for a degree in Accounting. I have many projects and many obligations now. It is necessary to mention that without the support of God could not achieve it. I hope this experience that I have shared is a mirror to see what it is that you are looking for, which is what you need. You can also get ahead.

*Translated by Ashly Díaz (July 2017)

Allan Gómez-Automotive Transport

posted Jun 29, 2017, 3:42 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Jun 29, 2017, 3:45 PM ]

In My Own Words
June 2017
Hello my name is Allan Enrique Gómez Chavarria, i live in the community Pilas Orientales, Masaya, it is a pleasure for me to be sharing my story of success, also i hope God bless you. First of all i knew about the program through one of my aunts she heard on a conversation that sound a little interesting and she met the ex-coordinator Lester Hernandez, he explained all about the foundation and give out a brochure to her, my aunt gave me one of those brochure to me. After i fill out my application one of the coordinators visited my house and remember that Sorania Davila (ex-coordinator), she told me do not worry we usually chose people from the countryside, then i start with the computer course with my coordinator Reynaldo López, he is a really good guy. While i was on the computer course i knew Walter Hunchack, i had the opportunity to talk with him, i felt nervous, he said we were scared of him but it was just because of respect. After completing the computer course i start the brigade, for me i was like a little kid because i had to play with the children. I was part of the group that worked at the Cristobal Rugama Elementary school, I do not know if i represent the foundation in a good way but at the end everything was fine and i did not have any problem. I studied Senior Technician in Automotive Transport at INTECNA, i was a good student with good scores, disciplined and punctual. The scholarship i got change my life because now i have the opportunity to apply for a job. I start practicing at the electric generation plant Che Guevara, when i was there i sign for a temporary contract, then i had to compete for one of the position available fortunately i got the job and now i have been working there for 7 months. Thank God and BECA.org because without their support i would not be here.

*Translated by Elvin Palacios  (June 2017)

Ignacia Alonzo-Cuisine and Gastronomy

posted May 3, 2017, 8:49 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated May 3, 2017, 8:50 AM ]

In My Own Words
April 2017
Hello friends and family of BECA.org greets Ignacia Carolina Alonzo graduated from the career of Cuisine and gastronomy of the National School of Hospitality (ENAH). I am 20 years old I live in The Las Flores district of the municipality of Masaya.
It is a pleasure to compare a little of my history within the foundation. Which starts like this: At the age of 16, I was finishing my fifth year studies at Juana Maria Polanco The region Las Flores, for that time I had no idea what my life would be when I left of secondary school, it was then that we were visited by two coordinators of the organization BECA.org to encourage us to participate in the project REY13, consisted in course one to apply To a scholarship in a technical center. I spent 3 months in community service where I helped teachers with the children and in the afternoons I studied my fifth year so I lasted until the computer course. I successfully concluded them.
In the year 2014 I chose my career at the National School of Hospitality, opt for cuisine and gastronomy my first attempt to enter failed and I wanted to give up, in the middle of the year I was operated for. Appendix, it was then when alone at home I saw my cooking programs and they were those means that gave me the most encouragement for wanting to achieve my goals.
The following year I presented myself to ENAH with the last opportunity that BECA.org gave me, it was. When God and Mary of Guadalupe granted me the joy and privilege of entering the School, with one of the best qualifications, I attended the first and second level of the Second level my biggest challenge, since I was traveling from Managua to Masaya at 9 pm, Danger many times but was not an obstacle to not continue, I went ahead and in my third Level make my passes in the Real Intercontinental Hotel of Metro Centro, ending in August Of 2016 with good results and positive comments of my development as a chef.
I obtained my diploma on July 6, 2016, the week I graduated, I was fortunate to be called by French Chef David Dafonte, executive chef at the Hilton Princess Managua hotel, where I was hired as a cafeteria chef, thanks to Mr. David Dafonte I was able to perform inside his kitchen as a freshman cook. God continues to bless me by giving me the opportunity to to enjoy today in the position of chef of breakfast, and of the hot line, very important areas in the hotel. I thank BECA.org for having come to my life and mainly and above all things to God.
For putting them in my way. For almost a year of working at Hilton Princess Managua every day growing more.
Thank you beloved BECA family, sponsors, all because this triumph is yours.
Thanks forever Carolina Alonzo.

*Translated by Silvio Torrez (April 2017)

María Cristina Acevedo - Executive Secretary

posted Mar 31, 2017, 7:52 AM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
March 2017
My name is María Cristina Acevedo, I am 22 years old, I am the older sister of 6 brothers, I only live with my mom and my brothers. Since my parents separated, we are from the community of Caña de Castilla, the municipality of Diriomo. I am also part of the great family BECA.org which I have considered and will continue to consider that the foundation has been a great blessing. So I want to share a bit of my story. I learned about the BECA program through Professor Roberto Campos who visited us at the public school Benito Juárez in the middle of 2012, informing us how to opt for a scholarship to study a technical career. The teacher for 4 times met us to inform some news regarding the foundation, in our calls also made Eliezer presence one of the promoters of the foundation for that time. We kept an eye on every news item, at the beginning of 2013 the long awaited moment arrived, filling out a form, answering and completing the interview, also providing a personal biography of what I wanted to study, and how I and my family would benefit from Continue studying and thank God, classify the first step. Later the visit at home was made to know more about the new students, in my case the day of the visit was all my family, I remember that Maryury Ruiz visited me. After that process I started with the 6 month sieve. Which consisted of 2 stages; The first one consisted of 3 months of computation without accumulating more than 3 faults, which is missing once but finishes with pride the classes received in Intecomp-Masaya in that period we were in charge of the Coordinator Sorania Davila. After the computer course, we continued the 3-month brigade at Rafaela Herrera public school, where I was in one of the first-grade sections supporting Professor Bernabela and my fellow student of Miguel Pérez. In this second period also accumulates a fault for being late. After having finished the sieve of 6 months we passed the choice of the technical career, personally my first choice was Professional Nursing but unfortunately did not qualify in the examination of admission in Polisal. We were therefore given the opportunity to choose another technical career in the available centers: Santo Tomás University, Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC) and Intecna. I decided to study executive secretariat at the Santo Tomás University of Granada. Where I started my classes in March 2014 but in the course of the months the university did not provide the necessary conditions to continue studying. One of the problems he presented was that he did not have a computer room. Which in August of the same year the foundation BECA.org called all the scholarship students to evaluate our situation and see if it was possible to change technical center. At the same time, seeing the situation, we finished our studies at the University of Santo Tomás in Granada. Then we visited Masinfa-Masaya and the Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC) to decide where to finish our studies. Personally, I decided to study at ACC, not only because of its facilities but because we had already mentioned the quality of the teachers. We started the Middle Technician career again in January 2015, during the year of the race we received computer, cash, accounting and other classes. At the end of the year we completed the course titling and advanced excel. He was very beneficial for us since we received the title of Caja, Excel Avanzado and the title of the technical race. For my pre-professional practices I perform at Humberto Alvarado Vásquez de Masaya Hospital. I was in the area of ​​X-rays and in the department of radiology, I was in charge of the head of X-rays Dr. Karla Hernández. Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Carolina Lago, Dr. Alfaro and Dr. Gutiérrez also monitored me. At the end of my practice I got a score of 100%. My desire for improvement and desire to study nursing motivated the doctors to perform management to study the Nursing Assistant in the Masaya Silais but could not since it did not belong to the department of Masaya being the main policy that resources have to couple with Silais. But to this day was not an impediment to my study as a Nursing Assistant since in November of 2015 I put my stationery the same one that I had been asked in the hospital of Masaya only now the Silais of my department, Granada. At the beginning of April 2016 in the same month of my degree as the Technical Technician of the Executive Secretariat, take the admission test in silais, which passes it with the best note of the candidates of the municipality of Diriomo thank God, thus obtaining a Scholarship to study my long awaited career and I can almost proudly say that I am part of the Minsa- Granada I am culminated the first year of the race. I want to share that I have received two job offers; The first was on the part of the Curacao-Masaya as a cashier but I could not accept it because I had already started with my studies, the second was by the Academy of Commercial Sciences for a box office or as a secretary, also had to Reject for my nursing studies. She continued to thank God for all the blessings, opportunities she has given me with the Foundation BECA who opened the doors and thanks to that today I am a professional who continues her path to improve my quality of life, that of my family and Other people. Again thank you and honor and glory to God. .
*Translated by Pamela Díaz (March 2017)

Aracelly Martínez-Tourism

posted Mar 14, 2017, 3:31 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 3:35 PM ]

In My Own Words
February 2017
There wouldn´t exist hope if it would not be possible to achieve our goals. Hello my name is Aracelly del Carmen Martinez, I am a 22 years old. I studied Touristic Administration and hospitality at Masinfa. I live in a small community in Masaya. I heard about a organization called BECA.org, this organization help young people who can not afford their university, when i knew this organization i was about to graduate from high school at the Juana Maria Polanco College- Las Flores Masaya, by this time BECA.org also interviewed more than 10 guys but just a few of them were chosen. On the same year we start doing social work with students from elementary school. My group worked on the same school, i was a hard experience that i will never forget. I put myself on the teacher's shoes, it was for 3 months. After that i took a 3 months computer course. Also one saturday per month we did social work, this is one of the requirements to get a scholarship,but it was not too easy, thanks Good i was able to achieve one of my goals which is study a career. I studied my second option because because what i wanted was veterinary, even though i did not study what i wanted, i learned a lot, i am currently working at Mi Viejo Ranchito restaurant, I have found a new family that teach me many things in the same way as BECA.org. This achievement was very difficult, i put all my effort. I am very grateful with my parents and coordinators, they cheer me up to never give up. I am so grateful with BECA.org, because thanks to it, I was able to achieve my goals, I hope they continue helping other people who can not pay a university after high school, for me BECA.org is like an angel, because i never imagine myself studying a career either working in one of the most prestigious restaurants. I recommend people to look for help at BECA.org to be able to achieve their goals and take advantage today that you're young and there are opportunities to study.

*Translated by Elvin Palacios  (Frebruary 2017)

Lisbeth Solano - Executive Secretary

posted Feb 1, 2017, 11:44 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Feb 1, 2017, 11:47 AM ]

In My Own Words
January 2017
Hello everyone who is part of the huge family BECA.org is a pleasure for me to write about the wonderful experience, to remember the moments that were for me of great blessing and that will be etched in my memory. I am Lisbeth Carolina Solano López, I am 21 years old, I am from the city of Masaya, I come from a humble family, I was one of the beneficiaries of the organization BECA.org to which I am infinitely grateful for the great opportunity that I was offered to continue with my studies, their social and economic support. Well, my story began like this: after finishing with my high school my family we were in a difficult situation, my father entered into a disease that caused economic instability in my home, so my mother could not pay me a university since she I had to cover all the expense for the food. And for that reason I decided to start working to help in the difficult situation that my family was going through. But in the year 2013 a guy learned that there was a foundation called BECA.org where they supported the young people with limited economic resources, he told me that he could ask for more information and I went to the premises to leave my documents, all Requirements After a few weeks I received a phone call stating that I had been selected for the scholarship, I was very happy to hear the news; Was determined to embark on this successful path. The first thing was to start the first part of Course One, computer classes for three months in that time I found excellent people who offered me their friendship and thank God to finish it without problems, then emerged social service in a primary school Masaya Brothers of Japan) which also ends successfully. After finishing with 6 months of Course One, I decided to study Middle School in Executive Secretariat at the Academy of Commercial Sciences of Masaya, my technical career lasted 1 year, in which time I learned to be a better person and a better professional. When I finished my studies without problems and with my title already in hand I entered my papers in the Mined de Masaya where I was hired as Executive Secretary of the public school Concepción de María in the community of Pacayita. All this fabulous change is thanks to God, my family that always supported me and the foundation. I can say my great family BECA.org that always trusted me. Thank you very much to the founder and the sponsors for the support that the young Nicaraguans offer us.
*Translated by Anthony López (January 2017)

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