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Bryan García-Teacher

posted May 19, 2021, 3:28 PM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
April 2021

"Hi dear family HEDU.org.

I am so thankful to God for giving me the chance to write a little bit about my experience at BECA.org now HEDU.org.
My name is Bryan Garcia Rodriguez. I graduated from the HEDU.org program. I studied education as a technical career, I am a 26 year old, I live in Masaya, Nicaragua. I will share with you about my experience within the foundation, back in 2015 I knew about it because of my brother was part of BECA.org who gave the chance to support high school grad that cannot continue with their studies due to economic resources, by that time the office was at INTECOMP and I went there with my dad taking all necessary documents, I was excited of continuing with my studies and having the chance I start filling out a series of documents.
After completing the process I had to wait and see if I qualified for the program because there were a bunch of solicitations, after a couple of days I got a phone call giving me the great news that I had been chosen and what was the process so I could get my technical career.
First, it was the computer and typing course that last three months, then three more months of social work on which I was in charge of a group of kids at the Cristobal Rugama Elementary School, over there we support different teachers also I was part of the social work on Saturdays so we had to do cleaning, visit Old’s people home and orphanage, it was a unique experience.
Once I finished the six month I was taken to visit some places on which we could study: INTECNA, POLISAL and Escuela Normal Ricardo Morales Avilés, they informed us about the different careers they offered.
I start my career back in 2017 on which I chose Education, I had great experiences since year one though out that year I had to travel everyday then for years two and three I decided to take internship so I could take advantage of any extra classes, sharing time with kids was satisfactory because I learned things I did not know like how and why kids behave one way or another.

Thank God I graduated and I can proudly say that I am an ex-student of Escuela Normal Ricardo Morales Aviles from 2019.
Nowadays I have the opportunity of working for the MINED-Masaya as a Municipal Teaching Technique for young and adult people. I am so thankful first with God and the foundation and sponsors for the support that they gave me on my studies and in the same way they can continue supporting other youth like me so each of them can get a scholarship so they fight to continue studying and be a good professional that can support the society, remember ¨Never stop fighting for what you want, life will give us obstacles but the limits are ourselves and in that way be successful for ourselves¨ with this I motivate to each youth that would like to continue with their studies so they know more about HEDU.org.
In conclusion I wish you a lot of blessings. My best wishes for all of you.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (April 2021)

Eli Acuña-Nursing Assistant

posted Nov 27, 2020, 10:02 AM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
November 2020

"Hi dear family HEDU.org first of all i am so grateful with God for being healthy and alive, also because I am able to share with you a Little bit of my experience at BECA.org.

My name is Eli Acuña I am a 22 years old and I live in Masaya.
My story with the foundation started back in 2016 when I was in high school and I got a brochure this really change my life. I knew that I had the opportunity to achieve my dreams which it was to study a technical career, it made me feel happy. I motivate myself and I was excited to initiate with the process of applying for the scholarship. I even remember that at moment the office was located at ACC. I gave out all my documents and then I had to wait for a phone call everyday praying because I wanted to be one of the lucky ones, after a couple of days one of the coordinators contact me to inform me that I was classified and they had to visit my house.
At that time I had to go through the process of the 6 months called Course One, on which I had to take 3 months of computer course and three more months of social work. During the last three months of social work we had to do different things like cleaning, painting, repairing chairs, etc. it was an unique experience because we were part of a pilot project throughout this time we met different places and good friends.
After we complete the process of the 6 months we had to wait by the end of the year so we could start our studies but before we went to visit some places on which we could study just to have an idea of what we could study.
In 2017 started my studies for nursing assistant at POLISAL-Jinotepe, I graduate in 2018.
I am currently working at SERMESA Hospital-Masaya in the area of ¨Outpatient Care¨.
I am grateful with God for giving me the chance to know about HEDU.org and get the opportunity to study a technical career that I am currently working on, I really thanks to all sponsors for supporting us and open door to our success.
Fight for your dreams…Blessings.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (August 2020)

Isabel Gómez-Teacher

posted Aug 31, 2020, 10:38 AM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
August 2020

"Hi dear readers first of all thanks God for giving me the chance to write and share with you a little bit of my experience at BECA.org now known as HEDU.org.
My name is Isabel Gomez, I graduated from HEDU.org and I am 22 years old. Now my story with the foundation start back in 2016 when my friend and I found a flyer on our high school notebooks, at that moment I was happy and excited because I wanted to study a technical career at the same time I was motivating my friend so we could visit their offices so we could know more about BECA, I remember by that time they were located at ACC so we went to give out our documents, it was the last week to fill out the solicitation. After a couple of days I was supposed to receive a call and they did, one of the coordinators told me that I was selected for the scholarship and they had to visit my house for an interview.
By that year we had a filter called Course One, on which we had to take a computer course for three months and three months of social work. Throughout the last three months of social work we helped the community with cleaning, painting, etc. it was an amazing experience because we were a “Pilot Plan” throughout this time we met too many places and pleasant people.
We finally got to the end of the 6 months and we had to wait until next year so we could start our studies for the Technical career but before the foundation took the time to inform us about the career we could choose and where.
Back in 2017 I started my career at “Escuela Normal de Managua Alesio Blandón Juárez”, on which I studied education, another amazing experience was working with kids but the most important was learning about them. I can proudly say “I am a graduate from La Normal in 2020”
I am currently working as a teacher at the Rodriguez and Ruiz elementary school that is located at the Kilometer 14 then 3 kilometers North, Veracruz. I am grateful with God for giving me the chance to know about the foundation as well to HEDU.org for giving me the opportunity of getting a technical career, on which I am happily practicing. Also I am so grateful with the sponsors that support youth like me; I hope they continue helping more Nicaraguans so they can grow up as a professional. Remember, “Fight so you can always achieve your objectives and goals”, with this I motivate all youth so they can continue studying but the most important thing is that they know more about HEDU.org foundation.
In conclusion, my best wishes for all of you, sincerely, Isabel.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (August 2020)

Sayda Hernández-Tourism

posted Aug 12, 2020, 8:54 AM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
August 2020

"Hello dear readers, first of all. I hope you are doing well, and it is a pleasure to greet you again and share a little of my experience in BECA.org which is now HEDU.org. My name is Sayda Hernández, a graduate of HEDU.org. I am 22 years old and I live at km 21 road to Masaya. My story begins in 2016. When a friend came across the BECA.org website, he excitedly visited me to share the information with me and encouraged me to go to the office to be better informed. I remember that the day we went in, it was the last day to fill out the application. As the days passed, we were informed that we had been selected, so Ana Jarquín visited us. 6 months passed, 3 months of computing and 3 months of social service where we had to do different activities such as sanitize water containers, reforest, repair desks, paint, etc... An unforgettable experience. I visited places that I never imagined, I did things of great importance for other people, so I felt a joy in my heart when someone said "thank you" to me. Thank God I went through the whole process to get a full scholarship. In 2017 I started my studies in Masinfa-Nambue. The technical career I chose was Administration of tourism and hotel companies, a wonderful choice. Preparing cocktails, knowing touristic places of Nicaragua, and setting up tables for events were amazing things to do. In short, it was an unforgettable adventure. I was looking forward to doing internships in a hotel or a restaurant but due to the roadblocks and the socio-political movement of 2018, many places closed and the practices were canceled. Writing my "blog" was a good opportunity to express how I felt, what I thought and what I was experiencing. I am currently a HEDU.org graduate. I thank HEDU.org and the sponsors for the support provided and making my dream come true. I am not exercising my degree, but thank God I have a job as a clothing selector, at km 17 of the Masaya main road (ML. CORP). The line I am in is called Juvenile Fashion Mix. As of right now, it has been 7 months working here. I am grateful to God for everything he has given to me and to HEDU.org for all the core values it seeks to share such as: responsibility, punctuality and honesty but above all of that striving for what you want and what it costs for having it, it's worth it. I have a 2-year-old baby. He has become everything to me. He is definitely my engine to keep going. What you learn with dedication and love is never forgotten. I do not lose faith in exercising the technical career in which I prepared myself since that preparation has to be worth it someday. all what I lived and learned has become beautiful memories. There are so many other things I'd like to share, but that would be it for now. My goal now is to attend the social work activities, with that being said, see you soon!.

* Translated by Felix Brizuela (August 2020)

Luis Ñamendi-Teacher

posted Jul 20, 2020, 3:01 PM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
July 2020

"Hi my name is Luis Enrique Ñamendi Salazar I am a graduated from BECA.org, I studied education. I would like to share with you my experience at the foundation.
Julio César Pavón was the one who inform me about this non-profit organization back on 2014 when I knew about it I could not believe it, I was doubting about this great opportunity but at the same time I felt like my life was going to change and I noticed that lot of blessings were coming, since this was something new for me but it was the type of support I was looking for.
Year´s have gone but the foundation continues changing life of too many youth. I am so proud of being part of it.
There are not words to describe how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity that BECA.org gave me on which now is known as HEDU.org, in my case it gave me the chance to study a technical career.
Throughout the time I was studying I had difficult times on which it helped me to grow and enjoy beautiful moments with all my classmates. Also my biggest pleasure was writing blogs on my profile, as well how to forget our social work that we had at BECA.org on which all of them left such as good experience.
After I finish my technical career I was working at the Juana Maria Polanco Elementary School for one month and then at the Colegio Modelo Monimbo for 2 months as a teacher´s substitute. After that I start working at the Jose Dolores Estrada Elementary School on which I have been working for 11 months thanks God for giving me this great opportunity. My responsibility is being a great teacher even though I have a morning shift I use the afternoon to prepare my classes.
On the other hand I know I have had difficult times but I haven't loose hopes of continuing growing up as a professional and as it is said at the Ricardo Morales Aviles School, ¨After taking the first step I will never stop¨.
Also I want to tell you that I took the decision to study Economy but unfortunately I quit but I will continue next year. I am so grateful with God first and BECA.org for the opportunity they gave me to change my life and I am so proud of being part of this great family.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (July 2020)

Elmer Zambrana-Architecture

posted Mar 31, 2020, 10:52 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Mar 31, 2020, 10:54 AM ]

In My Own Words
July 2018

"Hi dear readers, God bless you a lot. It is a pleasure for me to share with you a little bit about my experience at HEDU.org also known as BECA.org. My name is Elmer Zambrana Calderon; I am from Diriomo – Granada. I studied Advance Technician in Architecture at INTECNA.
How did I know about the foundation? Well it was through my mom´s friend who informs us about the scholarship that the foundation was offering to study a technical career. It was a great opportunity that most youth with not financial resources have the chance to know about the foundation but that was not my case, after I finish my high school I spent one year without studying, In fact I was not expecting to continue studying, but now I am so grateful with God that gave me the chance to know about this wonderful foundation.
It was because my mom motivates me to continue studying, that was the reason why I visited the foundation’s office in Masaya in order to fill out the documents to get a scholarship. I met the coordinators Reynaldo, Urania and Sorania they shared me all necessary information about the process, after that I had to wait to see if I was one of the lucky ones but I had to take an interview at home so I could apply to Course one.
Course One is the first stage so we can get a technical career, it consist on 3 months of computer course and other 3 more months supporting elementary school. During the first three months I studied at INTECOMP, I met the first group of classmates that in the same way as me were exited of getting a scholarship. I remember that there were different groups in the morning and in the afternoon that year there were a lot of youth people starting the course but the saddest thing was that some of them gave up due to the different rules that we had to follow, but as a responsible student we had to make a big effort with following the rules.
I learned a lot about computers but for some of us, it was a little difficult because not all of us had a computer at home to practice. After spending too many time with computers we had to initiate with the 3 months of school support-(Brigada), in the same way as in the first three months of computer course rules were different, here I met my new group of classmates that on this stage we felt that the scholarship was almost our but we knew there were some other goal to achieve.
During the Brigada I went to an elementary school in Catarina really close to where I live at, I had to travel early to be punctual and hit the goal, I never imagine being at the classroom with too many kids that we had to help. It was an amazing experience because it helped me to improve every day on different aspects like being more responsible, punctual, expressive and with more willingness to learn more to show others the value of knowledge.
At the end I was able to complete this last stage of Course one so I could get a scholarship to study my Technical career that I mention before. On this new stage that is named Intensive BECA, which consist on studying a technical career for no more than three years, being an average student, however I was able to follow the rules with the only difference that now they were more strict, because if not we had to assume our consequences like lose our scholarship.
I Offer my assistantship at a government construction that belonged to the town hall - Nandaime as a supervisor. The project was about building a clinic for people with special abilities, it had a projection of 50m2 for approximately 70 people with all types of stuff that a construction requires. The position I got was on the administration of all materials, cost and budget with the right application on each of the different process of construction.
It was a period of many technician knowledge that during the time I was a student, I did not really learn in deep, because work environment is different when you are receiving instructions at the classroom, here you have to be self-taught because you have to put in to practice all your skills and apply all your knowledge for your own benefit and the company you are offering assistantship.
After I finish my assistantship I worked for a couple of months at the town hall, but due to health issues I had to quit that opportunity to continue reinforcing my knowledge. After that I start working for my own and start saving some money, after that I decided to continue studying, that's the reason why now I am studying Engineering on Design and Construction at UPONIC (Universidad Popular de Nicaragua), which is related to the technical career I studied, now because of my experience I am about to graduate me as an engineer.
Currently I am in the process of being a Technical Teacher at INATEC so I can teach Civil Construction, that is the reason why I am so glad with my family for giving me its support, but principally God for giving the knowledge and the opportunity to practice my occupation and of course to BECA.org for giving the chance of being who I am now I days and also for working with the education of many youth people with the wishes of continue studying so they can fight for their own goals. Blessings...

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (March 2020)

Maria López-Nurse

posted Aug 6, 2019, 1:09 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Mar 31, 2020, 10:53 AM ]

In My Own Words
July 2018
"Hello guys! Some of you do not know about me because I graduated 4 years ago from the program when BECA was in charge. Now HEDU has taken its role. I came to BECA 7 years ago when I did not have the resources to continue with my studies and achieve my goals. My oldest brother heard about the program by another BECA student. He talked about it, so I decided to apply and deliver my documents. I passed the application process and then I had to take a computer course and do a social project as a helper to an elementary school teacher to get the scholarship. The school is called Simon Bolívar in Masaya. I have always said “ Everything requires an effort to go far: hard work, devotion, discipline and punctuality are necessary.” The social project at Simon Bolivar School was one of the best experiences of my life and my reward was getting the students’ love and helping with their education. It was not easy to say goodbye to them after three months and I cried. I learned important things from the social projects in the community; to be successful you should start from below, to value who I am and what I have. We are not perfect but it taught me to be more human, to see others from a different angle than I used to see people. I started to study Nursing at Upoli (Polytechnic University of Nicaragua) at the time when the university offered nursing as a technical career and it was financed with 6% from the state. I had to pass through a process taking a course. I was not good with math and it was part of the journey. However, I challenged myself to achieve my goal to study in this university. Happily, I got through to my first option! At the beginning I was scared of the new journey because I thought it was not for me but here is my advice to you: do not doubt yourself even when your fears or negative thoughts come. I overcame that moment and I finished my technical career. After all my experience at university I decided to continue with my studies and get a degree in this area. You might be wondering how I paid for it . . . well, I got a scholarship from Upoli for being a good student in my first three years of studies. I accomplished high scores and I remember Maryury (the BECA Coordinator) always asked my superior about my performance but I did not worry because I was doing well in class. Thanks to the scholarship I could get my degree in Nursing. Also, I gave my internship at the Military Hospital (Dr. Alejandro Dávila Bolaños) where I learned different things that helped who I am today, too. The day of my graduation I was not expecting any recognition during the ceremony, so I was surprised by them with the “Cuame lade prize” and for being a volunteer. Listening to that was so nice for me especially because my parents were there and I could see their proud faces. The beginning is always hardest . . . It happened when I started looking for a job. In Nicaragua, if you want to get a position or a new job you should have experience. However, I have always put first my dreams and goals to God. My first job was at diabetic’s clinic where they assigned me to take care of a patient for a while and then I decided to quit my job. I’m grateful with them for the opportunity given. Currently I’m working in the area of orthopedics and surgery at the Military Hospital and sometimes I help in general medicine. I’ve been there for 2 years. You could imagine that I was a little scared but now I’ve got a lot of knowledge as a principal coordinator of the area. Recently I was named as an outstanding nurse in the area of orthopedics and surgery. I think it has been a great experience. I don't know what else fate has in store for me but here we go with God always with me.
Nursing is a vocation that is not for everyone because students let their impulses have control of them without thinking. My profession is full of dedication, humanism, and patience. There are days of fatigue where all you want to do is rest from stress but the words of your patients are comforting when they say “Thank you”. My patients have told me that I really love what I do and they are right. I love my job! To conclude, I send a message to HEDU’s students: “Keep going forward without regard to the circumstances or experiences you are having. At the end you will see the reward of your hard work”. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. The rest is up to you. Remember if any time you need help from Maria Celeste, I will be there for you. .

*Translated by Urania Montoya (July 2019)

Joel Acevedo-Automotive Transport

posted Jun 27, 2019, 10:54 AM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
June 2019
"Hello friends of HEDU.org foundation, it is a pleasure for me to share with you about my experience being part of this great organization.
First of all my name is Joel Santiago Acevedo Pérez, I live in Diriomo, I am a graduated from the National Technological Institute (INTECNA), I studied automotive transport.
After I finish high school on 2010 I was not able to continue studying due to my low income, that's why I had to work as a farmer for long time. Everything change on January 2013 when one of my neighbor told me about BECA.org foundation now HEDU.org, she told me that they would be giving out scholarship to study technical career.
I decided to apply because I wanted to continue studying so I gave out my documents, I do not remember if it was to Sorania or Urania. Thank god I was selected to win a scholarship.
I remember that the computer course was at INTECOMP (I was able to increase my knowledge about computer). After that I had to do social work at the Rafaela Herrera School in Diriomo, but with effort and dedication I was able to complete the 6 months of course one.
After that process, on 2014 I start my technical career at INTECNA for 3 years, we were a numerous group, I believe that most of us studied the same. Also I met too many people. I did my internship at SETAD (Servicios Tecnicos Automotriz Damas), it was a period of too much knowledge and experiences that now a days are so important for me.
Once I complete my Internship I continued assisting for one month more but for some inconvenient I had to quit and start working at a regular repair shop. A couple of month later I got a job in Granada at the company called MONISA; over there I have had great moments for more than one year.
That's why I am grateful and I sincerely say that all this is a God's blessing , because he is the one who put all blessings on our lives, as well my family for supporting me and of course to BECA.org foundation for contributing with the Nicaraguan´ youth education, Thank.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (June 2019)

Erick Latino-Automotive Transport

posted Apr 26, 2019, 1:29 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Apr 26, 2019, 1:33 PM ]

In My Own Words
April 2019
"Hi dear friends from HEDU.org team, it is a pleasure for me to share with you all my story, but first I would like to thank God for keeping us alive. My name is Erick Santiago Latino Medina, I studied automotive transport at INTECNA - Granada. I never thought that there would be an organization that gives too much support like BECA.org, now a days HEDU.org, well my story is a little bit extensive but I will try to sum it up as much as I can. After I finished my High School in 2009 I had too many inconvenients to continue studying either a technical or universitarian career, I tried by my own but I did not have enough money so I left my studies for around 3 years, at the end of 2012 my brother knew about the foundation throughout a friend of him, I started looking for more information and invite my brother, we both went to fill out the form so we could be taken on 2013, by that time the office was at INTECOMP, thank God I was part of that amazing experience.
I took the 3 months of course one and 3 more of social work at a elementary school at the Rafaela Herrera School, Masaya. In 2014 I start studying my technical career at INTECNA - Granada, even though I had too many difficulties I put all my pledge, emotion and effort to complete my career. My motivation was my family and what I wanted for them, because I wanted them to be proud of me. I found too many friendship, once I finished the course on October 2016, I was sent to make my internship at Colegio Salesiano Don Bosco - Managua, the name of the workshop is AUDI, for me it was a big challenge because I did not get use to on the first week but at the end I did, I complete my 3 months practicing and then I got graduated.
In my mind I said ‘’I did it but the most difficult is coming up find a job’’. While I was giving out my documents at different companies, I was getting proposal for other type of positions, I worked for patio workshop for short period, but the situation was not really good because I was not even able to cover all my expenses, a friend of mine told me a little bit about ‘’Cubas Electricas’’, so I asked him for address and documents they were asking for, in 2017 I went there, the receptionist took my documents and said ‘’if we have a job position available we will be getting in contact with you’’. I was always positive praying God so I could get a job.
At the beginning of february 2018 I got a phone call from Cubas Electricas’ office they said I had an interview, thank God I was accepted and start working as a mechanic assistant for three months I was tested but then the sociopolitical situation came and they suspended me with no payment. I start working as a field worker, but after three months they called me so I could continue working with them, coming back to the workshop I find out that I was so lucky because I was the only one who kept his job other two guys were fired. I have been working there for one year, I feel with more experience and I know that I have been giving all of me, I think that is why I am here.
For me it is a pleasure to be part of the big HEDU.org family that support me and I am so grateful because they gave me the chance to make a career, as well I hope God continue giving lots of blessings to this amazing foundation.
BECA.org - HEDU.org ‘’For ever’’.

* Translated by Elvin Palacios (April 2019)

Haydeé García-Teacher

posted Feb 9, 2019, 9:33 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Feb 9, 2019, 9:34 AM ]

In My Own Words
February 2019

"Hello friends! It’s a pleasure to tell you about my experience at BECA organization - - now, its mission has been taken over by HEDU.org Foundation. I’m Haydeé del Rosario García Polanco graduated of HEDU, I live in the community called Capulin 1 which belongs to the city of Granada, and I studied teaching at Ricardo Morales Aviles Institution, Carazo. All started one afternoon in 2012 when my sister got a flyer from one of the coordinators of the organization at Bertha Pacheco school. She was not interested in the scholarship since she thought that she had to invest economically. However, I decided to keep the flyer. It is worth mentioning that I was one year away to finish high school. Next year, I went to get more information about the scholarship, I remember the first person to attend me was Reynaldo, and then Maryury. They asked to write my autobiography, and adding it with the other documents required. Also, I got a visit from one of the coordinators of the organization in my house. Finally, I passed all the process to classified the scholarship, and I was so excited when they gave me the good news about the scholarship. That was the beginning of a new experience in my life! Since I began the course about computing in ACC, I learned a lot of things and one of them was how to use a computer, something that was unknown to me. We were twenty students in the course, and the people from the organization were friendly and nice to us. Also, I developed the values of responsibility and punctuality. Everything has been so useful in my life. Thankfully to the values learned, commitment, and the enthusiasm to continued with my studies I achieved to finish the social project at Cristóbal Rugama elementary school in Masaya. It had a period of three months. This experience helped to find out my teacher vocation I saw many educational needs in the classroom. My partner Yanina Castañeda worked with me in the first grad. She is from Granada, too. Once I finished it, I got officially the full scholarship to study teaching. That was a dream came true! Having a scholarship that will help me to pay the expenses of my studies because my parents could not pay for it. This process happened in 2014. I started my studies at Normal Ricardo Morales Avilés School, Jinotepe, Carazo. The distance was one the reason made me stay as a boarding student but it was hard to move away from my family. I traveled to school every Monday and I got back home on Friday. I spent more time at school than home but my passion for teaching and my family were my power to be strong. There were not only downs in my journey as a student I had good moments with my classmates, teachers and all the people from the school. I considered them my second family. I could know better my classmates- we had and shared so many experiences that I will never forget. Thank God I was a good student that helped me to get the second place as the best student. When I was in my second year I got one of the best scores in the classroom that made to be in first place. I was so excited to see my photography and name on the mural of the main corridor of the school. I gave my internship for three months in Luis León Espinoza School, Jinotepe, and then five months in San Juan Bosco, Granada. In 2017, I got my degree as a teacher of elementary school. The following year I went to the department of education from Granada to register my documents. They gave me the opportunity to work as a volunteer at the program called “Técnico de Modalidad de Jóvenes y Adultos”, it is guided for young and adult people that could not study elementary school or high school. I went to deliver my curriculum vitae in community school but it was not hiring, so I went to Salesiano school and then a week after they called me to have an interview. There were another two more candidates applying for the position so we had to pass by a process and three interviews. In the end, they selected me for being the new teacher. It was a nice experience to work for a private school I learned differents things. When I had three months to be part of this school I got a call from the department of education Granada (MINED) giving me the news that I was promoted as a Municipal Teaching Technique for Young People and Adults because of my good performing during my internship of a volunteer. It was not an easy decision to resign my job in Salesiano school but I had to do it because I wanted to get a permanent position in the department of education. I had to be able to work from 8 am to 5 pm so I could not keep both jobs. I had to choose. Currently, I have eight months working for the department of education in Granada. It has helped me to know better my community and the institution. Thank God I have a job, and I am really grateful with the organization that gave the support to achieve one my dreams, that comes true do, and I’m able to help economically my parents. I still remember the words from the founder of BECA Walter when he told me in one of the social projects: “I BELIEVE in YOU”. These words made me think. Thanks, BECA.org and HEDU.org for helping to make a change in the life of young people because thanks to you today I have a decent job and the desire to continue my studies in education. God bless you!.

*Translated by Urania Montoya (February 2019)

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