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Lisbeth Solano - Executive Secretary

posted Feb 1, 2017, 11:44 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Feb 1, 2017, 11:47 AM ]

In My Own Words
January 2017
Hello everyone who is part of the huge family BECA.org is a pleasure for me to write about the wonderful experience, to remember the moments that were for me of great blessing and that will be etched in my memory. I am Lisbeth Carolina Solano López, I am 21 years old, I am from the city of Masaya, I come from a humble family, I was one of the beneficiaries of the organization BECA.org to which I am infinitely grateful for the great opportunity that I was offered to continue with my studies, their social and economic support. Well, my story began like this: after finishing with my high school my family we were in a difficult situation, my father entered into a disease that caused economic instability in my home, so my mother could not pay me a university since she I had to cover all the expense for the food. And for that reason I decided to start working to help in the difficult situation that my family was going through. But in the year 2013 a guy learned that there was a foundation called BECA.org where they supported the young people with limited economic resources, he told me that he could ask for more information and I went to the premises to leave my documents, all Requirements After a few weeks I received a phone call stating that I had been selected for the scholarship, I was very happy to hear the news; Was determined to embark on this successful path. The first thing was to start the first part of Course One, computer classes for three months in that time I found excellent people who offered me their friendship and thank God to finish it without problems, then emerged social service in a primary school Masaya Brothers of Japan) which also ends successfully. After finishing with 6 months of Course One, I decided to study Middle School in Executive Secretariat at the Academy of Commercial Sciences of Masaya, my technical career lasted 1 year, in which time I learned to be a better person and a better professional. When I finished my studies without problems and with my title already in hand I entered my papers in the Mined de Masaya where I was hired as Executive Secretary of the public school Concepción de María in the community of Pacayita. All this fabulous change is thanks to God, my family that always supported me and the foundation. I can say my great family BECA.org that always trusted me. Thank you very much to the founder and the sponsors for the support that the young Nicaraguans offer us.
*Translated by Anthony López (January 2017)

Mileydi Sánchez-Executive Secretary

posted Nov 29, 2016, 9:45 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Nov 29, 2016, 10:05 AM ]

In My Own Words
November 2016

Blessings for BECA.org, staff and sponsors that work hard to give opportunities to poor people. I hope God takes care of you every day. My name is Mileydi Sanchez. I studied to become a secretary, and after a year, I gladly finished to start working. I want to share a little about my wonderful experience in BECA.org. I knew about this foundation because a cousin of mine told me about it. She told me she heard on the radio that there was an organization that helped high-school graduated students, so I thought it was the opportunity to study what I wanted, and the requirements were easy to reach. Since I did not have any economical resources, nor did I study at that moment, I was a candidate to get a scholarship in BECA.org. I was happily selected to be part of course one I spent three months on studying computing lessons, which was an amazing experience since I met important and different people from different places. After that, we continued to the next step that was volunteering in a public primary school. Leticia Potosme and I helped to assist kids in a second grade. Working with kids was such a lovely experience. Working in that school, I met a guy who was really important for me, and I also met more friends like Margarita, Natalie, and Alexander. We were very close since we supported each other in hard moments. The final day of the brigade, teachers and students made a special activity for us because we worked hard to help kids on their classes. That was an emotive good-bye party. The next year, I went on my next step that was selecting my technical career. Leticia and I ended up studying to become secretaries. We chose Academia de Ciencias Comerciales to proceed with our studios. In there, I met Maria Acevedo, Ana Jarquín, Mary Joan, Ana Hernandez, and Meyling Jimenez. They were excellent friends. We got very good teachers since we learned a lot in a year. I did not have any complains about the place, for everything was excellent for me. Our teacher, Maura Lopez, was really nice and prepared for each class. After all that process, we got our diploma in 2014, so it was time to look for jobs opportunities. But for me it was difficult to get a job, and I spent two years on doing nothing. I took my resume everywhere, but I did not get positive answers at that time. After all, in 2016 things changed in my life since I got the opportunity to start working for the Ministry of Education in my city. I did my first my interview, and they liked it, so they told me what my duties were. I started working on June 1st, and it has been an amazing experience. The first month, I worked for the Minister of Education who was Oscar Garcia at that time. Then I was moved to Gloria Bersabe School, in which I have been working for six months already. I feel great working for this school since the teachers and students respect me, and now they have become part of my family. I am also acquiring new background that is helping me increase my professional status. This is a short story about that experiences I have gone through in BECA.org, that is why, I have no words to thank you for giving me the opportunity to become in who I am right now. I wish nothing but the best for you all because you opened a lot of doors that are not longer closed to me. Thank you so much.

*Translated by Felix Brisuela (November 2016)

Miguel Pérez-Executive Secretary

posted Sep 30, 2016, 10:31 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Sep 30, 2016, 10:33 AM ]

In My Own Words
September 2016

The cordial one I greet all the friends of BECA.org. My name is Miguel Ángel Perez Cano, I am gone away from the career of Average Technician in Executive Secretariat. It is a pleasure for my to speak a bit what I lived in this organization. The truth that I do not get tired of agrader to BECA.org for the great help that drank to me. I knew this organization by means of a relative which was my premium Xiomara Gónzalez, I remember that she realized a call finding out about BECA that it was giving scholarships and we agree to be going to visit the facilities of the foundation for in this then they were located in Intecomp Masaya. We come this day and deliver the papers. Later they me informed that it was it classifies to initiate with Course One, which they were 3 months of computation the basic thing and then 3 months of brigade in Diriomo primary school, supporting a teacher in the discipline and education of the children. In 2014 it initiates to studying my technical career in the academy of Masaya's commercial sciences my career he was An Average Technician in Executive Secretariat for one year. Everything was of fight but thanks to God I could finish my career satisfactorily graduating in 2015. In the foundation I learned many things between them; to be punctual, not to lose the hope in wanting to fulfill my goals and I did many very valuable friendship. Credit been in the foundation was a wonderful experience that has helped me greatly. The effort and dedication of years behind gave to me the reward of being employed nowadays at the Penitentiary System of Granada at area of Penal Control where I take all the legal documents that do him to them internally, I remember that I began to work one day on Tuesday, the 29th of March of the current year, that is to say that already I go 6 months of is employed at this institution which me adapted very well. The first God helps me to continue always forward, guiding by the good way. But I want to stress that all that it had not achieved without the faith in God, the moral support of my family, BECA help and my effort for going out forward.
*Translated by Anthony López (September 2016)

Martha López - Accounting

posted Sep 1, 2016, 1:08 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Sep 1, 2016, 1:08 PM ]

In My Own Words
August 2016

Hello everyone to belong to the huge family of BECA.org, it is a pleasure for me to write about my experience, to relive the moments were for me a great blessing and remain engraved in my memory.
My name is Martha Antonia Lopez Gomez, I am 23 years, I am from the city of Masaya, I come from a humble family, I was one of the beneficiaries of the BECA.org organization to which I am infinitely grateful for helping me in the aspects of my life both economically, academically and socially.
It was hard to know that my financial situation had to wait a few years to continue studying, because my sister was studying and she got a scholarship and my dad could not both at the same time; but I was not going to stay with folded arms.
I realized that BECA.org was thanks to a friend from high school that as I did not have the resources to pay for our studies, she gave me a flyer and well I read all requirements calling, I decided to leave my papers and then I got a call telling me I had been selected I was glad she was determined to helped in this way, I started a computer course in which I found great people who offer us our friendship with each other, then the social service arose which concluded successfully.
After finishing with the established, I had not yet defined what I wanted to study, in my mind had two career options I wanted: nursing or accounting. First I chose nursing made every effort to study for the exam session admission, unfortunately I did not approve, at the time I was sad because I thought I had already finished my opportunity to study, but God is so wonderful that we always prepares better things of which we expect.
Again I went to the office to inform BECA.org what happened with regard to the review, however I was surprised where they explained that there was the possibility of studying another career and well decided Technical Accounting at the Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC).
Studying this was initially difficult, but not impossible. "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me." I thank God for giving me the wisdom, dedication, effort and commitment to put to get ahead for my family and friend who always gave me words of encouragement, I finished the course with great effort.
Today I'm working and practicing my knowledge also helped with my household expenses plus my needs.

It has been a difficult road to travel, but you can get to where you want is just a matter of trusting God and attitude, thank you BECA.org, the work they do is very important and will be rewarded abundantly, help people in need it is humanly possible with you as their sponsors. God bless you! Keep always forward giving hope to achieve a better future for the families of this country.

*Translated by Silvio Torrez (August 2016)

Leticia Cuadra-Executive Secretary

posted Aug 1, 2016, 2:29 PM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Aug 5, 2016, 8:45 AM ]

In My Own Words
July 2016
"Hello my friends I'm Leticia Cuadra Scholarship graduate career executive secretariat, also received a scholarship from the foundation. It has been a long time since I left BECA, this slogan from a different generation met her through a newspaper interview that Maryury and Sorania provided to channel 2 and my parents were very interested because I had just graduated from fifth year, they I confess I had not yet defined what good would study and after we saw the interview that BECA was a foundation for low-income youth and provided an opportunity to continue their technical studies; my mom decided to go to the offices of the foundation to learn more about what was needed to qualify for further study. Only a letter in which I had to translate what he wanted in the future and that such interest was to continue studying after this letter the foundation would select a hundred young people from different municipalities to receive a computer course for a period needed three months without missing even one day, I remember that at the end this computer course I got sick with chickenpox and I had to introduce all sprouted grains and I remember the teacher nor I wanted to say hello because she had never given him chickenpox and said I was afraid to be infected. That was one of my humorous experiences during those three months but thank God end this stage. After these three months we had to give a good social service exactly the community in a school and I happened to attend the pre-school Úrsula in the town of Catarina, children at the end of the three months came to love us all and good at the end of the last 3 months course one in the pre-school we performed an act BECA and all excited and sad we started to mourn men and women, was so emotional that even makes me want to mourn. In early 2014 we started with our technique to study career. I chose medium Technician Executive Secretariat, the study at the Academy of Commercial Sciences of Masaya, my technician lasted a year in which I did my internship Humberto Hospital Alvarado Vasquez in the same city and also some of my classmates and proudly I could finish my technical career. I give infinite thanks to this BECA.org Foundation since no interest of profit helps low-income youth to get ahead and to be independent. Personally I learned to manage the financial assistance provided BECA me and thanks to all that support and knowledge today I am working and managing my money well. Thanks Grant for your help and thanks to the founder Mr. Walter Hunchak. Again thanks for all and blessings.
*Translated by Silvio Torrez (July 2016)

Eliza Sánchez-Executive Secretary

posted Jun 28, 2016, 10:24 AM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
June 2016
"Selective memory to remember the good, logical prudence to not ruin the present, and challenging to face the future optimistically".
My name is Raquel Sanchez and Eliza is for me a great pleasure to write again ... but not a few simple lines, but rather paragraphs full of satisfaction in every word.
When graduates from high school my greatest desire was to continue my studies for that reason I went to the mayor of Masaya, to apply for a scholarship, which was granted me to study in Managua, my family opposed since in the capital there is a danger, then I decided to get a job to pay for my studies at a university in the same city, I made my task start, but ... unfortunately leave work for a tough presented at home and therefore I was forced to retire from the university with the pain of soul, at that moment I felt that my dream was slipping away.
That year I lost and I remember that, for the beginning of next year, my older sister called me and told me on the radio were saying that They were giving free Scholarships Complete to study and only needed the interested / a Offices BECA be presented.org.
That was great news for me and so I attended with my sister facilities ... Urania greeted me with a big smile, and I explained the requirements to join the Foundation.
By God's grace I was elected by BECA and sponsors to go through the first three months of training and a call for responsibility and punctuality, at the end of that quarter I thought that was all, without thinking that then continue in the second stage classification, honestly what I took in the period of social service were raised in the morning to arrive on time at the time of the photo.
When finished and achieve be selected for the scholarship, I said ... yeah.! Now studying ... I decided to study Bilingual Executive Secretary in Santo Tomas, Granada.
But it was lousy teaching and my colleagues and I retired and then this year we expect to end the meantime look for another center to study, it was then that we inform Academy of Commercial Sciences in Masaya, conditions liked us very much so in February 2015, they began studying Executive Secretariat were many sleepless nights and fatigue ... the date had to provide pre-professional practices and search company came after company and all doors were closed one after another. Continue to pray and believe in God to help me and I opened a door at the end the teacher Maura Lopez spoke to the director of the Academy to give me the opportunity to serve in the area of ​​Academic Registry and he unhesitatingly said yes it's okay to start on Monday August 17.

I managed to successfully conclude my 480 hours of practice and then the Lic. Carlos Gonzales asked me to keep helping until December of the same year and as agreed and said yes, he gave me in December financial aid and step on Wednesday 30 December He told me I would be working as a cashier me. Oh my God! At that moment I felt a great happiness and joy, but also flooded my nerves, because I never had been working as a cashier, officially started in January 2016 collection in that area until today.
Thank God, Mr. Walter and other sponsors through BECA. org have made my dream come true and many young Nicaraguans.
*Translated by Silvio Torrez (June 2016)

Ana Jarquín-Executive Secretary

posted Jun 1, 2016, 9:48 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Jun 1, 2016, 9:52 AM ]

In My Own Words
May 2016
I am a graduate of the foundation BECA.org Nicaragua and honored to share my experiences and achievements.
It all started in December 2012 I had the desire to continue my studies in 2013 but my parents did not have the financial resources. So I decided to help the health center in my region (Termites), performing different tasks in helping the community and health workers hoping to get a scholarship.
But at the end of January an aunt called me indicating that there was a foundation giving scholarships to poor young graduates with technical degrees in Masaya.
Very excited and at the same time indecisive by the existence of this organization my dad and I decided to find their offices with the direction they had provided. We went home disappointed without getting any information. It was not true, was what I thought.
I did not know that in February receive a phone call from a representative of BECA.org informing me of the dates of delivery and receipt of requests, place and requirements to carry.
I waited anxiously that day; I remember my father took me to hand over all documents and filling. Days later I received a visit at my house, then wait for confirmation of my name on the list of qualifiers. I will not forget that moment when I saw my name because I felt my life was already another totally different.
Then I started the course strainer One: first three months I received Intecomp computing, three months brigade perform in school Cristobal Rugama (Masaya). Classify to the next stage.
2014 I started to study at the Academy of Commercial Sciences (ACC-Masaya), career technician Middle Executive Secretary. Great knowledge and friendships gained. The program lasted a year, in early 2015 just hoped my title to find a job. But God had better things to me.
Being a graduate received excellent news by BECA.org, help the foundation as an ambassador, without hesitation I said yes. Performing different tasks (applications to deliver course one day ideas, take pictures at events, and buy stationery). After 2 months Coordinator Intern to more responsibilities, much to give and learn. But in October 2015, I received the best news; a job for me as coordinator certainly BECA changed my life and my family for good. Thank you very much BECA.org that trusted me.
*Translated by Silvio Torrez (May 2016)

Maryuri Espínoza-Executive Secretary

posted Mar 29, 2016, 3:36 PM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
March 2016
I hope everyone is very good. I want to talk a little about my experience at BECA.org foundation my experience started when I left high school I had the desire to continue studying but not had the means to do so, until one day a member of the foundation Lester Hernández told me about Grant explained that the organization helped high school students from low economic resource that wanted to continue a technical career, I was interested so I went to the office BECA to inform me. 

The next week I came with all documents requested me fill out some papers and good my desire was classified to the scholarship then of that one of the coordinators they would visit our house to make a video and take some pictures of our family and house. Was there I met Sorania, then if we classified we should start with a course one where we were taught three months of computer I was in the group that entered the quarter past nine and leaving at once, there I met many young boys. I wanted to continue studying, before I knew not turn on a computer but during those three months to me were very important because I told them I have learned a lot then I Finished the computer course continue with the support we provide to the public school Masaya for another three months. I stay in school Simon Bolivar with other brigadiers, I was with second graders with Marvin Quiroz who was my partner, it was a great experience because I did not know how to teach kids, support children. 

But three months passed and classified for the next six months we should choose the career and technical center to study. I chose the Academy of Science Masaya Commercial I studied Middle Technical Secretary in one year. And with the support of the foundation, my family and my effort, dedication to succeed in my studies I culminated the course. 

Thank you very much for the great support he gave me BECA.org. Because now with all this procedure and the knowledge my career I am a professional I am already working on a business. I am very happy because also now support my family and I'm beating myself.
I take this opportunity to tell you that if enen support BECA.org in his hands not let go, strive to achieve their dreams.

*Translated by Silvio Torrez (March 2016)

Leydin Borge-English

posted Mar 8, 2016, 11:36 AM by Maryury Ruíz   [ updated Mar 8, 2016, 11:38 AM ]

In My Own Words
February 2016
Hello everyone my name is Leydin Borge today I will share my story in BECA.org. Well I was studying electronic engineering, however does not end because I had a complication in my left cheek and I went emergency surgery, which caused me to stop my studies and spent a lot of money, then my father lost all his business selling clothes and were totally nothing.
After that I realized BECA.org and plan for poor high school graduates to study, then I realized its program of English and call center project, not the thought and immediately went to ask and thank God sort to qualify for the scholarship. Spend a very easy computer course and 3 months brigade in social work in schools.
I was elected as captain of the group, however I was interested both help those children in their classes to take the initiative to take charge of a section, which had no one to BECA.org assigned. It was the best experience of my life, I found that I loved teaching and children were very affectionate actually I was very fond of them all was very nice until it was time to say goodbye to them, it was hard but it was necessary to continue my studies.
Study English. In high school I was always very bad in that class, but I needed and that prompted me to do my best, that way I was one of the best in English, I do as much interest as if my life depended on it.
At last I graduated and went to a call center and pass in the first interview, I am very grateful to Walter, coordinators, sponsors and the whole team BECA.org that make this dream possible.
English is my second language now, but no matter what they choose, if they put all their effort reach true success, but never rely on themselves, always have God in your heart to guide your way. God bless you.
Perfection is not good enough. You have to show you can do it and never give up. You must be focused in your needs so that you 'can reach you Believed Those Things impossible to get. God bless you! .
*Translated by Silvio Torrez (February 2016)

Mercedes López-Nurse

posted Dec 30, 2015, 1:13 PM by Maryury Ruíz

In My Own Words
December 2015
Hello! My Beca.org family, it is a pleasure for me to greet you again. Before I start telling you all about my living moments in Beca.org I want to thank God for all the things I have now.

My name is Mercedes de Los Angeles Lopez Aguilar, I am a girl that was and will be part of this big family all my life. Today I got the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate this foundation. I live in Matagalpa City. Since I was a child I have lived with my mother and one brother. I am so grateful with my mother because I have been able to achieve all my goals because of her efforts. She taught me very good values even though we are humble people, but we like respecting others and thanking God for everything.
One of my first goals was to finish primary school, and I did it with my grandmother´s help, I remember I was a very good student I really liked going to school, and I got prizes because of my grades, I never failed a class because I studied very much. Then I began my secondary school. Classes were so difficult, but I never gave up. Meanwhile my mother was working I did my best for getting very good grades to make my mom feel proud of me. When I finished high school that was one of the happiest moments in my life, my mother was so happy because a dream came true in my life. My family and I were very excited because every effort was worthy. In 2010 I went to enrollment to UNAN in Matagalpa, I was interested in different majors, but when I had to do to the admission test I got sick and I could not go to do my test, and my mother told me to wait for one year. 
In the same year I found out about an organization called Beca.org that gives opportunity to study technical careers to poor young people in Nicaragua. I went there to fill out some documents to get into the process, and I met Rosita, a kind girl, and a chele man that is named Walter to whom I admire because of his work. I remember studying computer lessons, and I loved that, after classes I did not want to go out of the lab. Then I volunteered for three months in a public school. When all my friends and I finished our volunteering work, the time to choose our careers came to us, and I was not clear what I wanted to study and a friend of mine told to study professional nursing I agreed with her to study the same career because we needed to move to Estelí I was not going there alone, but before I moved there I got married with my boyfriend who encouraged me every day to finish my professional career. 
In my last year of studies I had to travel by myself no mother, no friends, nothing I was too afraid, but I pushed myself over and I did it because that was an opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. After that my graduation party came, and two important people were there and they were Maryury and Urania. That was another great time in my life because another dream came true.
Now I am working as a nurse, I am looking after an old lady, and she loves what I do. Recently I finished another course about pharmacy, and I continue growing with all my family around me.
Thanks Beca.org, thanks Walter and all sponsors that work every day for giving opportunities to young people to get their dreams done in their live, thank u so much for everything. .
*Translated by Felix Brisuela (December 2015)

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