Frequently Asked Questions
What does "beca" mean?
Beca is the Spanish word for scholarship.

Why is BECA based in Nicaragua?
Depending on who you ask, Nicaragua is either the second or third poorest country in the Americas. 

Do you have any plans to expand to other countries?
We have no plans at the moment to expand to other Central American countries. 

What percentage of my donation goes to the student?
100% of your donation supports the BECA program in Nicaragua. BECA administrative and fundraising costs are borne by its Board of Directors, granting foundations and by general donations. 

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The sustainability of BECA depends upon the cultivation of mutually beneficial corporate partnerships and strategic alliances.

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How can I be assured that students will successfully complete their education? 
You can't. BECA does its best to qualify the most committed candidates, but
there is no guarantee they will finish their course of studies. 

Can I visit? 
Absolutely! All BECA supporters are welcome. Visits not only turn the Internet connection into a personal reality, but also foster the unique opportunity for cultural exchange. Our head office is in the city of Masaya, about half an hour south of Managua.

Is BECA a legitimate non-profit organization? 
Yes. Donations are tax deductible in Canada (Tax ID: 83338 2609 RR0001).

You didn't answer my question. 
Check out our contact page for details on how to reach us.