About Us

BECA -- which means "scholarship" in Spanish -- is short for the BECA.org Foundation, Inc. 

We are a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization that began working in Nicaragua in August, 2008. Our field office is located in the city of Masaya.

Our mission is to offer educational opportunities for Nicaraguan high school graduates who are serious about continuing their education, but cannot afford to do so.

We carry out our mission by faciliating and supervising technical school scholarships for those candidates that complete a six-month qualification process we call "Course One." (See how we work.)

BECA envisions a future where all Nicaraguan high school graduates share the same educational opportunities.

BECA is apolitical and secular.

About BECA

Corporate Partners

The sustainability of BECA depends upon the cultivation of mutually beneficial corporate partnerships and strategic alliances.